YouTube, New Table and Yellow Coat…#LittleLoves

YouTube, New Table and Yellow Coat…#LittleLoves

It’s been a funny week, Holly and I have been feeling under the weather and fighting the germs. But well enough to still function and do things, if you know what I mean. We’ve been counting down the days as Alice finished school yesterday and has an inset today, ahead of half term next week. I love having my girls home!



I’m still reading Giovanna Fletchers book that I mentioned a few weeks ago and it’s so good. But it takes me ages to get through a book as I always fall asleep.



With me not feeling too great this week I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube videos, I find I can’t really concentrate on TV programmes when I’m feeling unwell. It’s been great to binge watch lots of vloggers and see what they’ve been up to.

I loved the honesty in Lucy’s video about Motherhood and Anxiety.



Nothing to say here…move along!


I made our new table! Well when I say ‘I’, I mean Andy did and I read out the instructions. I like to call it team work. Our hallway was crying out for a little table in this corner and I finally found one that fitted perfectly. I love walking down the stairs and seeing it there. It looks a bit bare at the moment and I’ve just moved trinkets from other places onto it at the moment, until I find what I need.



My yellow coat. I brought this a while ago in the sale and whilst yellow is my absolute favourite colour, it’s not a colour I normally wear. I’m not someone that likes to stand out, which I think you do more in a bright colour. But I loved the style of it and I nearly brought it in navy. But I have a lot of dark coloured coats and Andy persuaded me to buy the yellow.

I just need to get braver at wearing it!


And Lastly…

We’re off on a little family adventure tomorrow for a couple of days glamping. The girls are very excited and I can’t wait to spend some time with my 3 favourite people.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat


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  1. chantelle hazelden
    09/02/2018 / 07:55

    Haha team work makes the dream work!! I still haven’t read any of Giovanna’s books, must rectify that #LittleLoves

  2. 09/02/2018 / 11:17

    I love your yellow coat! My sister has a fab yellow raincoat and surprisingly it just goes with everything! Hope you’re all feeling better soon and have a lovely half term.

  3. 09/02/2018 / 20:22

    Absolutely love the yellow coat! Enjoy your little break away, hope you’re all feeling better soon xx

  4. 09/02/2018 / 21:37

    Love your yellow coat, such a gorgeous colour on a rainy day. Hope you have a great few days away #littleloves

  5. 10/02/2018 / 16:35

    Your hallway table is lovely, well done! & I adore your yellow jacket 🙂 Can I ask where it’s from? x

  6. 11/02/2018 / 20:35

    I love that hall table, it’s very stylish. I used to have a yellow coat and I agree with the comments above – it goes with everything. I want another! #littleloves

  7. 11/02/2018 / 22:49

    I love your new table, I am looking at similar ones for if we EVER get to makeover our bedroom. Giovanna Fletcher is a great author isn’t she x

  8. 14/02/2018 / 09:20

    That table is lovely.
    Hope you have enjoyed Glamping and the weather wasn’t too cold! xx

  9. 14/02/2018 / 17:54

    Loving the table making teamwork 😉
    Yellow coats are the future! x

  10. 15/02/2018 / 21:27

    I love the coat, definitely agree with your Hubby’s decision to convince you. The table looks great too. I hope you had a wonderful half term and trip away xx

  11. 16/02/2018 / 08:15

    Loving the yellow coat! They always look Fab and I really like them but not sure if I’m brave enough for that much colour. I’m loving the table too. Hope you had a great half term #littleloves