You Are Four…Where Did My Baby Go!

You Are Four…Where Did My Baby Go!

To My Gorgeous Holly…

I’ve come to write this post a few times, but I haven’t been able to do it because every time I try the tears start rolling as I can’t believe that my baby girl is four! It just can’t be possible that my last baby is four years old. I know I say this every year and every milestone you and your sister have. But its true what the say time goes by so quickly.

You are very much the baby of the family, you still seem so little compared to your big sister at this age. You’re cute and smaller and the perfect package.

What I really want you to know and to read back in years to come, is that you are my gorgeous, easy going, loveable little girl that I just adore spending time with. You really are no trouble at all and even nanny says that out of the 3 grandchildren you are by far the easiest. You just take everything in your stride, you rarely get upset about anything and you are easy to entertain.

You will sit and play with your toys for hours and we don’t really hear a peep from you, you are the complete opposite to your big sister who even now needs constant entertainment. You are a lot more contented and you just love to play with your toys.

You’re not shy though, whenever we meet new friends you are always the first one to start playing with them. You immediately make them your best friend and it isn’t long before you’re walking along holding hands with them. You’re a friendly little girl and that thinks everyone in life is your friend and its a lovely quality to have. I just hope this carries through in school.

When you are with Alice, is probably when you’re at your happiest. You adore your sister and you must say at least a hundred times a day ‘just like Alice’. Because with everything we do, you want it to be just like Alice. I adore seeing you tow together, you fiercely love each other and I’ve never known a love like it. The one thing I love the most is that you both look after each other. It doesn’t matter who is upset, the other one steps up and takes care of them. When we’re out and about, Alice definitely takes on more of the big sister role. Making sure you’re ok, keeping safe and letting me know the second that there is a problem. But when we’re at home, you often take the lead, you are definitely not a push over and you stand your ground. The best thing I ever did was give you each other and all that I hope for is that you will always be this close.

You are my ray of sunshine, the one that lights up our day. You are my funny little girl, with a cheeky little smile and you melt everyones heart. I could honestly talk about you all day long. You give the biggest hugs, your arms tightly around me and I still love it when you see me and you’re so desperate to cuddle me, you hug my leg, before I sweep you up in my arms.

You occasionally ask for a carry and even though you’re big and heavy I know these days are coming to an end and I carry you for a little bit until my arms hurt. I would carry you forever if I could. But I know that I still have lots of years left of feeling your little hand in mine, as we walk along.

In 12 days time you will start school and every time I think about it I get emotional. I’m not ready to let you go. I was meant to increase your hours at preschool in the run up to summer, to get you ready for school but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I just wanted to saviour every moment of having you home with me. As these years are short and school will have you for a lot longer than I did.

I love you my little beany bop, you brighten up my day and please never change.

Thank you for being mine

Love Mummy xxxx


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  1. 24/08/2018 / 21:31

    Happy birthday Holly. She really is the most beautiful little girl and some a lovable character. My girls are still talking about her and love to look at her photos! xx

  2. 26/08/2018 / 14:29

    I can definitely relate to writing this post, I did the same a few months ago when my little girl turned 4 and it broke my heart! I can’t believe my baby is 4 and 4 seems such a milestone as it means they are soon starting school. xx

  3. 26/08/2018 / 18:35

    What a lovely post, Happy Birthday little lady and good luck at big school

  4. 30/08/2018 / 20:17

    What a beautiful letter, she is such a beautiful little girl, happy birthday.