What I will be watching this Winter…

What I will be watching this Winter…

With the children back to school and Autumn arriving television starts to get better. I don’t know about you but I struggle to find things to watch over the summer. But, this is one of my favourite times of years with lots of my favourites starting and some new dramas too.

Its also that time of year where Andy says he wants a new television for christmas. Is it just my husband that is always after the latest model? My dad always brought Panasonic televisions, apparently you can’t go wrong with them. So, Andy has been looking at the latest Panasonic 4K TV range. I will be honest and say that all I am interested in is that it isn’t too big, I don’t like a TV to dominate the room and how much is it!

But regardless of what TV we are watching, here are my favourite shows to watch at this time of year…

Strictly Come Dancing

I love Strictly! It reminds me of nan and when I was little I used to stay up late and watch Come Dancing. I just love everything about Strictly, the costumes, the makeup, who is dancing with who and then of course the amazing routines that they do each week. The only thing that frustrates me, is they try and make out the Sunday show is live, but we all know its filmed on Saturday too.

Our Girl

This series has returned with a new leading lady, Michelle Keegan, and I think she has fitted into the show perfectly. This series really has had me gripped and who doesn’t like a love story too. With a love triangle going on, I really am not sure where they are going to take the story. It is the last episode in the series tonight, so if you have missed it I strongly recommend playing catch up.

Great British Bake Off

I don’t normally watch cooking programmes, but there is something about the Great British Bake Off that attracts me. I think its the whole format, the presenters, Sue and Mel make me laugh. Paul and Mary are a good pairing and bring something different to the table. And of course there is all the delicious and gorgeous food. What is there not to love?

Cold Feet

I used to watch this religiously when it was originally on and I loved it so much, I was brought the complete DVD set for christmas one year. When I heard it was coming back to our screens, I was excited, but also a little worried. What if they ruin it and the storylines aren’t good. Well, I haven’t been disappointed, it is just as funny as it always was and has made my Monday evenings that bit more enjoyable.

Mr & Mrs

I first came across Mr & Mrs as a board game that my parents have and we would play it at christmas. It always made for a fun night, with a few surprise answers from my parents and a dispute over what is actually Dad’s favourite ice cream. When they brought it to our TV screens with celebrities, I knew this would be a lovely easy to watch programme with some humour. It really is funny what you learn about people from their answers and it raises a lot of money for charity, which is brilliant.

With filming for the third season of Broadchurch taking place, I can’t wait for that to return. Also, early next year is the second season of Doctor Foster, this had me gripped every week and was one that I couldn’t miss.

Do you look forward to this time of year and the return of some great TV shows? What are your favourites, I would love to know…

Laura x

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  1. 05/10/2016 / 07:20

    We’ll be watching GBBO and Strictly too! I think Strictly will be really good this year.

  2. 05/10/2016 / 10:14

    Aw I love GBBO too, can’t believe all the channel 4 scandal, I think this might be the last season of it being any good unfortunately so we’ll be making the most of it. The apprentice starts tomorrow too, woop!

  3. Dean of Little Steps
    05/10/2016 / 10:45

    I don’t like big TVs either for precisely the same reason you mentioned. I’ve only managed to catch a few of British Bake Off and would love to watch more. x

  4. 05/10/2016 / 21:00

    I love Strictly Come Dancing! This is the only programme I am watching on TV

  5. 05/10/2016 / 21:11

    Oh I have never watched any of those TV shows, mind I don’t watch many. I love I’m a celebrity though as it always makes me realise Xmas is on the way x

  6. 05/10/2016 / 23:42

    Loving the new blog look. Great for autumn.

    I’m a Cold Feet fan too, and nice to see someone else who loves Strictly. Just a shame I usually have to watch it on catch up because quite often I’m out dancing on Saturdays myself.

  7. 06/10/2016 / 08:39

    Ooh you are making me miss British TV! Hope you are snuggling down for some great TV. Would love to check out Cold Feet again. And Strictly. I’m devouring Netflix, have to get me one of those VPN blockers so I can see some good home telly!

  8. 06/10/2016 / 10:25

    I love Cold Feet, Strictly and Bake Off too. I find myself looking forward to all three of these all week long! Sarah #SharingTheBlogLove

  9. 06/10/2016 / 11:28

    Yes I look forward to this season a lot. I watch more of Netflix and I am loving the shows on there.

  10. 06/10/2016 / 21:32

    I haven’t caught up with this series of Our Girl, I can’t wait to start watching it with the hubby. He’d love a massive TV too

  11. 06/10/2016 / 21:41

    My sky box is almost full as there are so many good things on at the moment. I haven’t watched our girl. I’m going to have to get it on catch up. Everyone raves about it x

  12. 09/10/2016 / 19:56

    The Apprentice, there are quite a few American series coming back that I’ve been waiting for too. Almost makes Autumn bearable! x

  13. 09/10/2016 / 23:08

    Oh I used to watch Mr and Mrs and loved it, I already watch far too much television to fit this into my schedule too sadly.