Will We Survive Our First Family Camping Trip?

Will We Survive Our First Family Camping Trip?

Andy has always been a fan of camping and used to go every year with his friends. Whilst I’ve been camping once when I was 17 years old with a friend and have not repeated it since. He has wanted to take the girls camping since the day they were born and we were meant to have our first camping trip last year with our friends. But sadly two days before we were meant to go, Alice got chicken pox and we had to cancel. Our shiny new tent has stayed in the garage all year.

Alice was brilliant last year and took the news that we couldn’t go really well. But, obviously she was very upset, but her words were ‘it’s ok mummy we can go next year’. Such a wise girl this one. Thankfully we are going camping this year with our friends in just a few short weeks and Alice can’t wait.

Me on the other hand I’m a bit nervous about it. I literally have no clue what to take with us and I know I’m going to massively overpack and probably take all the wrong things. I hoping my friend who is a seasoned camper will help me, and if you are reading this, please tell me you have a list!

For this camping trip I’ve not had to worry about finding somewhere to go, as we are going to a tried and tested place our friends go to. I do however need to think about what to cook and how to entertain the kids.

Thankfully Halfords have come to my rescue and in their Camping Guide, it has an essentials guide, which might mean that I won’t actually overpack and might take the right things.

We will probably do a barbecue which is fine for us and Alice, but Holly is my little fussy eater and probably would end up just eating the bread roll. In their guide they have a lovely cheesy sausage pasta recipe which she would PROBABLY eat!

There is also nothing like getting tips from people that have actually been camping. I’ve asked some of my fellow bloggers for their tips and advice…

  • Keep all clothing inside waterproof bags overnight – just in case you are unlucky like us and wake up to find the tent has leaked and you don’t have any dry clothes at all. – Stevie – A Cornish Mum
  • If you’re going camping with a new tent, make sure you do a trial run of setting it up first. There’s nothing worse than seeing in darkness because the tent is more complicated than the instructions make out, plus if anythings missing or if items are required, you’ll know before the trip begins! – Unique Young Mum
  • Take a campervan and stay in campsites with electric hookup! It was the only way to get this mama camping – Lizzie – Lizzie Somerset
  • Take blankets and plenty of extra clothing. I forgot how cold it gets at night and I was freezing last summer! Emma – Life According to Mrs Shilts
  • Take wine. Lots of it!!! Laura – Five Little Doves
  • Pick a campsite with a park or somewhere for children to play. Give yourself plenty of space on your pitch and take an awning for them to play in if it rains. Nat – Plutonium Sox 
  • Wet wipes! Alllllll the wet wipes. Clean yourselves, your kids, clean your utensils, mop up spills on clothes. So handy! – The Mighty Duxburys
  • Take a potty! Saves those midnight trips to the loo block! – Country Heart and Home 

Some great tips, that I will be definitely be listening to!

If this trip goes well and I’m sure it will (please tell me it will!), then we’re hoping camping can become a regular part of our life and that we can make more of our weekends during the warmer months and explore the country we live in. Halford’s Camping Guide has lots of great campsite ideas depending what it is you want from your trip, which is perfect for planning our next trip!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with Halfords.


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  1. 08/06/2017 / 11:36

    Great post! It took me a long time to even agree to go camping. Once we went (with the campervan) I was hooked and we’re looking at all the places we can go in Somerset & beyond. The world is our oyster xx

  2. 08/06/2017 / 12:35

    I hope you have a fab trip…I haven’t been camping for years. Last time was a disaster. Camping on the beach seemed a great idea. The sea is not calming when you are trying to sleep. lol
    Great tips! I agree with taking a lot of wine! Good luck x

  3. 08/06/2017 / 13:24

    Have a great time. You’ll love it (as long as the rain stays away, and if not, remember the Dunkirk spirit – or that’s what we told ourselves on our first mums and kids camping trip!. I’ve got essentials lists (including the extras you don’t think of and various other camping posts) on my blog – but take a roof box if you’ve 4 of you in the car with all your stuff. Our car (a big volvo) is always rammed (including beach stuff) and there’s only N and myself go!

  4. 08/06/2017 / 14:18

    You’re all going to have an amazing time camping. Our children are so much better behaved when we camp. Being outside in the fresh air and running around all the time has a great effect on them. Have a brilliant trip and thanks for including my tips!

  5. 08/06/2017 / 14:38

    Thanks for including my tip lovely, hope your camping trip is brilliant! I keep thinking I should give camping another go… without a leaky tent this time 😉

    Stevie xx

  6. 10/06/2017 / 09:05

    Some great tips for camping with the kids- I love Laura’s of taking lots of wine! We plan to go away ourselves in August and I’ve been thinking of all the planning that we’ll need to do. There’s nothing better though than getting out in the great outdoors and being with nature.

  7. I’m loving all the camping tips at the monent. Definitely going to take the kids when they are older. And yes. Hurrah for wet wipes! Lo!

  8. 12/06/2017 / 07:37

    You are going to love it.
    I was worried for our first trip however we now go a few times a year and have so much fun.

    My tip is make sure you book with an electric hook up point and take a kettle…..you’ll not want to wait to heat water on a stove first thing in the morning

  9. 12/06/2017 / 10:46

    My first ever holiday with Mr C was a camping holiday and it was a disaster. Torrential rain, mould and feeling really cold. However, it was down to us not being organised enough. We didn’t plan for it properly and taking a couple of duvets was asking for problems. Now the children would love to try a camping holiday and to be honest camping is cost efficient so I think we will brave another one soon. These tips are great and I will be using them, especially Laura’s take lots of wine 😉 Have a fab trip, I am sure you will love it!

  10. 15/06/2017 / 08:51

    I am totally book marking this post! I have never taken the boys camping, Hubby refuses. But I am going the last weekend in July to a festival with a friend and her boy. Thankfully she’s a seasoned camper – hope you have a lovely time xx