We’re Ready For Our Holiday Thanks to Konfidence…

We’re Ready For Our Holiday Thanks to Konfidence…

I’ve always gone to Konfidence for our swimming products and when they asked me to be an ambassador for them this year, I couldn’t have been happier. They are a perfect match for us as a family. I strongly believe that swimming is a life skill that all children should learn, and our girls have been swimming since they were 12 weeks old.

Konfidence kindly sent us several different products for the girls to try out and put to the test. I’ve always brought their swim jackets, I think they are brilliant for children and the girls loved their new ones.

Konfidence kindly sent us to Alton Towers water park, Splash Landings, to put them to the test and I shared a full review of our trip with you a few weeks ago, which you can read here. We also took our wetsuits to the beach to test them out, whilst also taking part in Konfidence’s Golden Bucket Sand Art competition, which you can find all about here.

I wanted to take the time to put all the products together in one post for you to see what they offer and to help you get ready for your holidays.

Swim Jackets

As I mentioned above we’ve always used the Konfidence Swim Jackets and 2 years ago when we took the girls to Portugal they were brilliant for around the pool area, as well as in the pool. Having 2 young children it gave me more comfort knowing that if they did fall in the pool, they were going to be ok.

But the main reason we have the swim jackets is that it supports them, without obstructing them from learning to swim. Their arms are still free to swim and they also grow with their ability. For Alice who is now able to swim, she only has the floats in the back of jacket left in and this is because whilst she can swim. She is still only 5 years old and gets tired quickly. Wearing her swim jacket it means she is supported in the water and for us, we know that she is ok when we are in waterparks and pools.

Wet Suits

When we go to the beach the girls love to go in the sea and Alice had been asking for a wetsuit. She was the happiest girl when it arrived. We’ve been to the beach a few times and they’ve loved wearing them. They keep them warmer in the water and are not restricting meaning they can play in them too.

They are now an essential item for us when we go to the beach.

With all Konfidence products they have different styles and colours to suit everyone. We’re off on holiday to Cornwall in a couple of weeks and we have everything that we need for the girls to be safe, keep warm and have fun.

Disclosure: We’re working with Konfidence this year as brand ambassadors. This post is in collaboration with them, however all views, opinions are my own.


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  1. 03/08/2018 / 16:38

    My son has been swimming since he was 4 months old and at 4.5 years now he’s doing well. We have access to a pool all year round here in Portugal but it’s very deep so I can’t leave him to play on his own. I veered away from a vest as I thought it might make him lazy but I’m wondering if it might be worth getting him one?

  2. 04/08/2018 / 07:38

    Swim suits like these are fab because they keep them warm too when they’ve been in the water and can get a bit chilly

  3. 05/08/2018 / 13:45

    I didn’t realise they did bigger wetsuits, I need to get one for Eliza and Sebby so will head over and look now