Valentine’s day…the parent way!

Valentine’s day…the parent way!

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, a time for you and your loved one…will you send a card, give a gift or head out for ‘date night’?

Even before we had our girls, Andy and I, were never fans of going out for a meal on Valentine’s Day. We found that the restaurants would pack in lots of tables for two, so close together, it was like you were double dating with the people next to you! Or, row after row of tables, you could be speed dating…next please!!!

So, when our girls came along, Valentines day didn’t really change for us.

If like us, you are staying home, here are a few ideas for having a Valentine’s at home…

Change the Chef

In most households it usually the same person that cooks the dinner every night (me). Why not give them a night off and your partner can cook a lovely meal for you both…or if it wouldn’t be a lovely meal (lol), order a takeaway! (hint hint hubby!)

Have blackout night

I have read about a few people doing ‘Blackout nights’, you basically, turn off the TV, put away the tablets, phones, laptops and any other technology and spend the evening talking to each other.

Get out the board games

I love a good board game, it was always something we did a lot when I was growing up and it has continued to be a favourite of mine. It only ever seems to happen at Christmas for us and it would be lovely to do this throughout the year. My favourites are Articulate, Pictionary and Scattergories…never Trivial Pursuit in our house, my hubby is a walking encyclopedia!!

Curl up together

If you can agree on a film that you would both want to watch…maybe plan this a couple of days before, so there are no arguments on the night!! Grab the popcorn and chocolate and relax together.

Get the children involved

If you have older children, get them involved. They could make menu’s for dinner, help set the table, be the waiter..let them have fun with it!




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