An Unexpected Ride In An Ambulance…The Ordinary Moments

An Unexpected Ride In An Ambulance…The Ordinary Moments

I knew this year was going to be a year of big milestones for Holly, we’ve already had one with her starting preschool and its not even the end of January. Well today saw us hit another big milestone and it didn’t go quite to plan…

I’ve been planning on moving Holly to a big girl bed for a while, she has stayed in a cot for a lot longer than Alice did. Mainly because she is a little pickle and we thought that she would get out every five minutes. Plus she is my last baby and I am hanging onto every little bit of a her for a bit longer.

I just can’t imagine living in a house with no cot in it, we’ve had a cot in our house for 4 1/2 years now and I just haven’t been ready to give that up. But with us moving house it seemed like the right time to move her across.

So, I reluctantly ordered the new bed and was secretly pleased when it said that it would be four weeks to deliver. But that day finally arrived on Friday and her new bed was delivered.

Today the girls were off to spend some time with my parents, they are leaving for Australia soon and they will be gone for a whole month (weep). Andy and I wanted to get the last of boxes sorted from moving and put everything in the attic.

Once we had finished that, Andy asked if I we had time to start the bed. I could have so easily have said ‘no’, to try and hold onto the cot for a bit longer. But I knew that wasn’t the right thing and that we should make the most of having some child free time to get it done.

We built her bed and it didn’t result in us getting a divorce, always a bonus! Then while Andy packed everything away, I loving got her new duvet out and put the cover on that I picked out for her this week. Part of me excited to see her little face when she she gets home and part of me crying inside that my baby girl is growing up.

The time came to collect the girls and as she walked through the door I told Holly we had a surprise for her. She ran upstairs and into her room. She instantly ran back out of her room, shouting Alice come and see I’ve got a bed. It was the most adorable moment that she wanted to share with her sister.

She climbed inside and then asked if she could put her pyjamas on. I think it was a hit. Of course Alice had to try it out and they looked so cute snuggled in together. A glimpse into the future when I am sure that sleepovers will happen.

Then disaster struck…

As Andy and I were just moving the last few bits around her room, she climbed into her cot. Something that she has done lots of time before and then screams for us to get her out. Never before attempting to climb out. But today, the last day that there will be a cot in the house she decided to climb out and landed with a bump and hit her head on the chest of draws.

I knew it was bad because the scream took a while to happen, you know the one where they take that breath in and you know the scream is coming. Well it came and it was bad. Within seconds she had the biggest egg on the forehead and a dent on it. I felt physically sick with worry.

It’s never a good sign when the peppa pig cold compress doesn’t bring a smile. Andy and I were worried about her going to sleep so soon after it had happened. So, Andy phoned the out of hours line for some advice. After he answered a lot of questions they consulted a doctor who said that they would dispatch an ambulance to check her over.

We were a bit shocked initially and it made us a bit more worried than we were. They told us to keep her still, never easy with a two old and not to give her anything to eat or drink.

It was longest thirty minutes ever. Holly was sat on my lap and we watched Peter Rabbit together. Alice snuggled in beside us telling her sister, she loved her every few minutes and giving her a kiss. Andy watching out the window and jumping up every time he heard a car.

Then it arrived and Alice was so excited that the doctor was in an ambulance. In they walked and Holly was a bit wary of the guy , but he said that’s a good sign. She should be worried that a stranger has entered her house, he said it is these sort of reactions that they look for when they arrive.

They asked what had happened and the lady started to do some checks on her. The guy was brilliant with both the girls, talking to them about what they were doing and why. Holly completely warmed up to him. He had a torch pen to get Holly to follow the light and he let them both have one each to try.

After lots of checks, thankfully they said that Holly was not showing any signs that we should be concerned about. I was feeling a bit bad about them coming out, even though it wasn’t our request. But, they explained that it is their policy to come out to small children and that we had done the right thing phoning for advice. I felt a bit relieved to hear this.

Whilst the lady had a lot of paperwork to fill out. The guy took the girls out to the ambulance with Andy. They got to have a ride in it, took it in turns to drive. He showed them in the back and gave them a ride on the lift at the back. He was brilliant and the girls loved it. The lady said he is a big kid and loves it. He also very kindly let the girls keep the torch pens and Alice can’t wait to take it into school on Monday and show everyone.

So, with the drama over and with us all feeling relieved that Holly was ok. It was time to wave goodbye to them and get the girls ready for bed.

The excitement of a new bed had got a bit lost and she got into bed with no trouble. She didn’t attempt to get out and soon fell asleep.

As I sit and write this now, I’ve just popped up for the hundredth time to check she is breathing. I knew instantly she was with the sound of her little snore. I couldn’t resist getting a quick photo of my baby girl in her new big girl bed. It’s not a great photo, it’s on my phone, in the dark with a flash. But, my heart broke a little when I saw it. She looks so little asleep in her big bed and after all the drama of tonight I am a bit of an emotional mess over it.

It’s another milestone that we have reached and I am not quite sure that I am ready. I’m not ready for both my girls to be in beds, to become an ordinary moment. Can someone please slow down time…

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  1. Oh my goodness what a worrying moment for you. Poor Holly, so glad she is okay though. She looks adorable snuggled up in her big girl bed. It is a little sad when it’s time to put the cot away though x

  2. 22/01/2017 / 07:54

    How scary and sounds like the paramedics were amazing. Glad she is ok. Those milestones just come too fast don’t they?

  3. 22/01/2017 / 08:16

    I am so sorry you had to go through this and poor Holly especially after Alice’s accident at school too, lets hope that is it for you now! Roma has been in a bed a few months but it is such an emotional thing isn’t it? We have just taken the bed guard off and whilst I am relieved it doesn’t dig me in the armpit every night when I took her in I look at her sleeping and wonder where the time went xx

  4. Oh my goodness that must have been so scary for you. I’m so glad she’s OK, and she does look adorable all curled up in bed with her sister; definitely a sneak peek into the future for you 🙂

  5. 22/01/2017 / 09:24

    Oh Laura, how terrifying. We had the same this week with my eldest, he ran into the door frame. Luckily the ice took out the egg straight away and he was fine but the sound and the wail. It just breaks your heart.

    I don’t think I’ll be moving mine out of his cot anytime soon either!! #TheOrdinaryMoments

  6. 22/01/2017 / 10:23

    Oh how ironic to happen just as you were to dismantle the cot. I’m so glad she’s ok and I’d be up there checking constantly too. Poor little thing xx

  7. 22/01/2017 / 10:25

    Oh goodness how scary that must have been, so nice to read that she is okay though. It really is impressive just how these eggs appear isn’t it? #TheOrdinaryMoments

  8. 22/01/2017 / 17:32

    Awww Laura how worrying – I can imagine how stressful and anxious it was for you. Poor little pickle (love that btw). I am so glad it wasn’t anything too bad, that shes okay and that they took such good care of you..its true you can never be too careful with little ones! Hopefully the big bed will be prove to be okay…its hard enough when you were worried about it to begin with x #ordinarymoments

  9. 22/01/2017 / 18:08

    Oh blimey what a rollercoaster! Such a huge milestone of not having a cot but she clearly loves the bed – and so glad she’s ok after her fall x

  10. 22/01/2017 / 18:28

    Oh scary moment. I hadn’t realised it was out of her cot she’d fallen. N used to climb out of his for about 6 months before I got annoyed with asking the OH to remove the sides, and did it myself. Glad she’s ok, but cool about the ambulance ride.

  11. 22/01/2017 / 20:00

    I’m so glad she is ok, this must have been so frightening and with all the emotion of moving from a cot to a bed too! Big hugs Laura x

  12. 22/01/2017 / 21:52

    Oh no! What a disaster. So glad little one is ok, they sure know how to scare us huh?

  13. 22/01/2017 / 22:25

    Poor little Holly, I’m glad she was ok bless her heart. They are such a worry aren’t they? I would have suddenly got a bit more worried when they said they were sending an ambulance too. How lovely that they let the girls have a ride though. Hope she’s still sleeping well in her new bed! xx

  14. 22/01/2017 / 23:00

    Oh this must have been so frightening for you. We ended up in a & e with Libby after a bang on the head a few weeks ago and it’s just awful. I’m glad everything was fine in the end.

  15. 23/01/2017 / 11:34

    Gosh that must have been so scary for u.

  16. 23/01/2017 / 16:30

    It’s such a fright when things happen. So glad she is OK. We took our first ride in an ambulance too this month. My daughter was hit by a car on the way to school 2 weeks ago. I’ve never been so scared. Thankfully she seems to be super human and was fine. Sarah xx

  17. 24/01/2017 / 11:05

    Its so scary when they bump isn’t it. Bless you all, glad all is ok! I’m so glad she loves her new bed too xx

  18. It’s so scary when they hurt themselves! Especially their heads! We had he same a few weeks ago, but thankfully nothing came of it and William was right as rain. But it just makes your heart stop doesn’t it?! I love the 111 helpline, I think it’s brilliant. For times like these when you’re not 100% sure what to do, but you know it’s not A&E necessary.
    Well done you 🙂 I hope she’s recovered well now and is enjoying her big girl bed! 🙂 x