The Two Of Us…The Ordinary Moments

The Two Of Us…The Ordinary Moments

It’s very rarely just the two of us, we are now a family of four and we love being all together. Our weekends are the precious time that we can be all together without the day to day routine of school and work.

But there wouldn’t be a four, without the two of us. Andy and I…

It’s hard to find time for us, it means the girls not being with us both, which involves their wonderful grandparents having them for us. We are lucky that both sets of grandparents love having the girls.

Yesterday after swimming Andy took the girls over to his parents for a sleepover, it’s only there second time and they were very excited. Their suitcases were packed and off they went.

Andy and I were off out for dinner and to see the cinema with friends. I honestly can’t remember the last time Andy and I went to the cinema together, Normally we go on our own with our own friends.

Of course I had the panic of what to wear, I just don’t have clothes that aren’t my everyday ones. Plus it was freezing cold outside and I wanted to be warm. Once the outfit was sorted there was just enough time to pop on some make up and sort my hair.

There was no leisurely two hours of getting ready that I used to have before I became a parent. It was last minute dot com!

We had a lovely time with our friends, we see them a lot with our children, but it was nice to chat and not be interrupted. To laugh, to drink and to enjoy the time together in a different way.

We headed to the cinema to see Transpotting two and it was so good. We all thought it was really well done and I was pleased that Andy and I had watched the original last week, as it made the references back easier.

As we came home to a quiet house, not needing to tiptoe upstairs. To creep into their rooms to check on them before we headed to bed, it made my heart ache. Because as much as they can drive me insane somedays, I just love them to be tucked up in their beds at the end the day.

But, I also know how important it is for Andy and to have this time together, a bit of breathing space to just be us. To make us the parents that we want to be. Because with out ‘us’ their is no four…

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  1. 12/02/2017 / 15:09

    Oh to be able to leisurely get ready whilst wearing a face mask and painting my nails!! Those were the days I know exactly what you mean though it is lovely to be together but makes you appreciate what you have with the four of you too x

  2. 12/02/2017 / 15:21

    Oh I totally get the issue with choosing clothes, I never have anything to wear either. Glad you had a great night, it must be lovely to have some time for the two of you.

  3. 12/02/2017 / 16:46

    I’m so pleased you had a wonderful evening! I appreciate a date night like never before these days – choosing an outfit (even if that is a struggle!), doing makeup, it’s all so exciting. But I totally get the weird feeling when you come back home and know there’s not a little someone tucked up in bed who you need to avoid waking up – it’s all very surreal!

  4. 13/02/2017 / 16:48

    Ooh what a treat! I totally get what you mean, I love having all my family together but also I really appreciate the rare times that Carl and I get to spend without the kids because it’s just needed every now and then. I couldn’t do it every week though 😉 xx

  5. 13/02/2017 / 17:40

    Glad you have a lovely evening, my husband and I did try and get out together as much as we could but it seems to have fallen by the way side lately.

  6. 14/02/2017 / 00:17

    We also had a cinema evening the other night and it was weird coming home to an empty house… no sneaking around but hell we missed those little ones!

  7. 14/02/2017 / 09:00

    Ah man, we’re desperate to go and see Trainspotting 2, love the first one. Glad you enjoyed it. x

  8. 14/02/2017 / 14:19

    Sounds like you had an enjoyable time together. It is a good idea to have some quality time together, I’m waiting on the half term holiday to have some time without the older kids. The house does feel quiet though 🙁

  9. 16/02/2017 / 21:49

    It sounds like you had such a lovely evening together – it’s something we really need to do more often x

  10. 19/02/2017 / 22:03

    Oh for the pre parenting days of having the whole day to get ready. So glad you had a lovely time – me and Ell desperately need some us time – its lovely not being mummy and daddy for a bit – you appreciate them so much more too xx

  11. 20/02/2017 / 23:51

    What a lovely post! It’s hard to find the balance sometimes, but it’s lovely to be us and not just mummy and daddy at times! We went on a date night the other day for the first time in 3 years! We did end up talking about the kids though haha!