Turning Two…The Ordinary Moments

Turning Two…The Ordinary Moments

I’m sorry if you are a regular reader of my blog and are a bit bored of my birthday posts. But having my three loves have their birthday’s within ten days of each other, it has been pretty much my life at the moment. I know I am cheating a little bit with sharing Holly’s birthday as an ordinary moment, because really a birthday can’t be described as ordinary.

But, my little Holly turning two this week was such a special one for me. I really can’t believe that my youngest daughter is now two, I know its such a cliche to say it, but where has the time gone.

Andy booked the day off work which meant we could plan a family day out to celebrate and we invited my parents to join us too. Last year it rained on her birthday, so we knew even in August you can’t guarantee the weather.

Anyway the plan was to go to Peppa Pig World, Holly loves George and I knew it would be the perfect day for her. We’ve been twice before, the first time Holly was only 4 months old and slept through it all and last year she did go on the rides, but she wasn’t excited by it all.

This year that all changed, we told her where we were going but she didn’t really know what that meant until we arrived. As we approached the entrance to the Peppa Pig World part of the park and she saw Peppa up high in the sky, her little face lit up and she was shouting pig!


The excitement didn’t stop all day, she loved driving daddy pigs car, riding on grandpa pigs train and boat. I think the highlight for her was riding on George’s dinosaur, the sheer delight on her face was lovely to see. I think daddy enjoyed it too!!!

This visit was definitely the best yet, being aged 4 and 2, the girls were both at a perfect age to love it. It was a really hot day and whilst Holly had a nap, we took Alice across the park to have a go in the splash park which she just loved. Then we headed to the indoor soft play area, to have a bit of a break from the heat.


Normally on days out we leave in time to get home for the dinner, bath and bed routine. But lately I am becoming more relaxed about this. That occasionally on days out, it doesn’t matter if the routine goes out the window for one night. In a couple of weeks Alice will start school and our whole week will become routine, and a bit more routine and I guess school holidays will become the time to throw that all out the window and have some fun.


So, we stayed later, enjoyed some more rides and had dinner before heading home. We all had a great day out and it was the perfect way to celebrate Holly’s second birthday. I have made a short video to capture her day…

Laura x

Joining Katie at Mummy Daddy Me for #The Ordinary Moments



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  1. 28/08/2016 / 10:17

    Ohhh sounds like such a wonderful day out! I need to look into going to Peppa Pig world, it does seem like 2 is a good age to go! xx

  2. Margaret
    28/08/2016 / 11:34

    Wow Laura the video is great, captures much more of was a memorable family day out and birthday xx

  3. 28/08/2016 / 21:35

    Awww it looks like she had a lovely time indeed. I know what you mean about the first time they encounter Peppa Pig World when they are old enough to appreciate it- I will never forget the look on LL”s face when she saw we were there last year. So cute! I am glad she had a nice birthday. xx

  4. 29/08/2016 / 08:40

    It looks like they had an awesome time huni. So pleased she had a brilliant birthday xx

  5. 29/08/2016 / 21:49

    Question – were they planned to be born withing the same part of the year, because the more I think about this the more I think its fab that their birthdays are only days apart. It saves the nagging for 6 months of “when is my birthday” and if you wanted celebrate them all together – love it!
    Peppa pig world looked perfect for a 2 yr old! I think I missed the window for ours to go x

  6. 30/08/2016 / 12:25

    How lovely to have all your little ones birthdays close together, a very exciting few weeks indeed! Looks like you had a fabulous time celebrating at peppa pig world, we love it there. #theeverydaymoments

  7. Caroline
    30/08/2016 / 22:36

    Sounds like you had a great time, we went there when Matilda turned 2, but I know Arthur would love it too. x #ordinarymoments