Our Trip On The New River Rapids Bus Route…

Our Trip On The New River Rapids Bus Route…

Ever since Holly was old enough to play with toys she has had a thing about buses. Every play group that we would go to if there was a bus she would play with it the whole time. On our recent trip to Paulton’s Park at the end in the shop she spotted Miss Rabbit’s Bus and that was it, this was the toy she wanted and it is now a much loved toy.

She has recently been asking to go on a bus and so last Friday Holly and I went on a little adventure just the two of us. I’ve talked on here before about wanting to make the most of this year with Holly before she starts school and when The Go-Ahead Group asked if I would try out their new River Rapids Bus service I knew Holly would love it.

The new River Rapids Bus service runs from Oxford to Henley-On-Thames, via Wallingford. Nine buses have been refurbished which it’s distinctive River Rapids Bus logo and there is a mixture of single deck and double decker buses. All the buses have 4G coverage and contactless pay. Making our journey that little bit easier.

Waiting for the bus

Holly and I took the bus from Reading To Woodcote and to say that Holly was excited is an understatement. I was a bit apprehensive about going on my own with Holly, the pushchair, my large bag and the carry potty (for those emergencies). But actually I had nothing to worry about. I collapsed the pushchair just before the bus arrived and both times it was on time.

I easily carried it onto the bus and there was plenty of space for me to put it next to our seats. Holly spent the whole journey there just looking out the window and seeing what she could spot. That’s one of the best parts when you travel by bus, the journey is all part of the adventure and day out.

I had told the driver I hadn’t been to Woodcote before and he had told me there was 2 stops and the best one for me and where the bus stop was for coming home. I also had a rather over friendly passenger tell me all about Woodcote too, lucky me!

Once we arrived we hopped of the bus and had a play in the park, Holly had her lunch and before we knew it, it was time to go and get our bus back.

Holly couldn’t wait to get back on the bus and this was definitely the highlight of our day out.

The bus’s are so comfortable that my little tired Holly fell asleep just as we were arriving back into Reading. What a cutie…

A really kind man helped me off the bus with my pushchair, which meant I could carry a sleeping Holly and then pop her in the pushchair once we were off the bus. There really are some kind hearted people in this world.

Holly and I loved our day on the bus and it was easier for me to keep her entertained, than it would be in the car. With the River Rapid Bus service going all the way to Oxford City Centre and they have recently opened their new shopping centre. I think a Christmas shopping trip will be our next bus adventure.

The River Rapids Bus service is on X38, X39 and X40 and they now run every 20 minutes. Day tickets start at just £6 and you can get a family ticket, with unlimited day use for just £15, for up to 2 adults and 3 children. All children under 5 travel free.

Along the route there are some great attractions that you can hop off the bus to explore. An inspector Morse Tour, Oxford university and city tour, River and Rowing Museum in Henley and of course both Oxford and Reading have fantastic shopping centres.

Take a look at their fab new advert..

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post with The Go-Ahead Group. 



  1. 08/11/2017 / 13:09

    It’s great to hear how comfortable the bus is and that you were offered help with your pram, those little things make all the difference 🙂

  2. 08/11/2017 / 14:18

    This sounds like a great service and a way to go exploring and it’s nice to hear that it’s family friendly and comfortably too!

  3. 08/11/2017 / 14:18

    My two love travelling by train or bus but we often use public transport as it is a bit sparse and a pain where we live. It would be nice to have better connections and make more of a day of things by travelling by other means other than by car.

  4. 08/11/2017 / 20:29

    It’s so nice to hear there are good hearted people about still. My son is fascinated with buses lately so would love this little journey. I bet he’d fall asleep on the way back too!

  5. 08/11/2017 / 20:55

    How exciting! I do love a girls day out – I remember my daughter falling asleep on me on the way home on the train when she was younger. But there’s something quite exciting about taking a bus when you don’t do it every day, isn’t there?

  6. 08/11/2017 / 21:09

    We don’t really travel by bus or train. I think mine would find it quite fun. Good to see that someone was ready to help you with the pushchair, goes to show there are good people out there.

  7. 08/11/2017 / 22:17

    I love both Oxford and Reading but had no idea you could get a bus between the two – I think Athena and Troy would love this adventure too! x

  8. 08/11/2017 / 22:43

    Ahh how funny, my kids go crazy for buses too! I think its because we never use them so on the rare time we do they think it’s the most fun ever!

  9. 09/11/2017 / 07:19

    I love that buses are getting all modern now. I am not a huge fan of bus travel if I am honest, but its great for a treat or when visiting a new area to see the sites

  10. 09/11/2017 / 18:11

    I love getting into buses like this. Of course with the window seat so I can relax myself with the views while riding the bus. Some sort of stress buster for me.

  11. 10/11/2017 / 12:49

    This bus seems to offer an ultimate experience, Laura! I would definitely add this to my bucket list. How long did the ride last?

  12. 10/11/2017 / 20:17

    I love seeing kids enjoying a bus ride, it doesn’t happen so much nowadays, mine love a bus ride!

  13. 10/11/2017 / 21:39

    My little boy loves buses too, he thinks it is such an adventure if we go on one. x

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