A Trip To…Gruffalo Spotters Trail at Alice Holt

A Trip To…Gruffalo Spotters Trail at Alice Holt

A couple of weekends ago we headed to Alice Holt Forest to do the Gruffalo Trail. Last year we did the Stickman Trail and we loved it. The forestry are brilliant at putting on these trails every year and I think it’s a great way to get children walking.

We’ve always gone on family walks and make our own entertainment to stop the girls from getting bored. But it’s nice to have these trails to help us out once in a while.

The Gruffalo Trail is free to do, we only had to pay for our car parking.

The girls were very excited and we love to read the Gruffalo book and they couldn’t wait to find the Gruffalo. If you want to there is an activity pack available to buy for £3, but we didn’t feel the need to buy this.

It wasn’t long before Alice found the first sign to get us started on our way.

Along the way were signs with spinning wheels to give you a clue as to who you might spot next. This is a great idea and got the girls talking and remembering all the characters in the book.

Of course it was the mouse we found first!

Rather strangely there was the Gruffalo’s child right near the start and Holly got all excited that we had found it already. It had just been painted and was roped off, but whilst it was nice to have the Gruffalo’s child there it did confuse them a little and think they had finished already! Sorry girls there was a lot more walking to be done.

With their wellies on, they were free to run and this is what I love about walks in the forest. The freedom it gives them.

Alice would get so excited every time she found the next character, it was lovely to see.

Just before you found each character there were these binoculars for you to look through and see who you could spot. In the distance was a clue as to who it could be. I loved this idea and so did the girls.

Along the way there was a clearing where you could either make your own den from scratch or there were dens already made that you could have fun in.

With them being a bit young it was more fun to play in the ones already there and it was a great spot for a drink and snack too.

We were then off to find the next character along the way. There are signs to direct you to keep you on track. One thing to note is that as you are kind of going around in a circle, there is a section where you double back on yourself and if you are not careful and follow the wrong sign (we totally didn’t do this, honest!!) then you will end up doing part of it twice (we totally did do it!!).

These girls would run so fast in excitement to get to the next sign that I could barely keep up.

Of course it was also fun to look at each other through the binoculars!!

The trail is about 1.5 miles in length and we were grateful when we finally found the Gruffalo.

And who should be stood right next to him…Stickman. This Stickman is by far better than the one when we did the Stickman trail last year, it was just on board last time. This is brilliant!

After we finished the trail we headed to the cafe for some lunch. The cafe has just been refurbished and it looks great. They had the children’s lunch boxes which were not too bad, unfortunately they had popcorn in them instead of crisps and my girls were not keen which meant I had to buy extra crisps. Andy and I both had a panini, which tasted nice. It’s quite expensive for what we got and I would definitely take a picnic next time.

After lunch we headed to the play area which was brilliant and the girls loved it. It was then time for us to head home and let Holly have a nap in the car, I nearly joined her.

We had a lovely time doing the Gruffalo’s trail and I would definitely recommend it. There are trails all over the country and you can find a list here.

Disclosure: We were not asked to write about the Gruffalo trail, we genuinely had a lovely time and I wanted to share with you all.



  1. 12/08/2017 / 09:51

    This looks lovely! The girls did a forestry commission gruffalo trail with my husband a couple of weeks ago and found it so exciting. I love that last photo of Alice and Holly holding hands.

  2. Rebecca Hollick
    13/08/2017 / 17:04

    looks brilliant!

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