A Trip To…Dinton Pastures Country Park

A Trip To…Dinton Pastures Country Park

Over the summer we headed to Dinton Pastures Country Park with my parents and niece. It was somewhere I’ve been meaning to go for quite a while and I couldn’t wait to see what it was like.

When we arrived I was pleased to see there was plenty of parking. There is no entrance fee for Dinton Pastures, you only have to pay for your parking. It’s worth noting that you can’t pay by card in the machines, only cash. Or you can pay by phone. It was £1.50 for up to 4 hours, which was plenty for us.

There was a bit of a walk from the car park to the main part of the Country Park, but it wasn’t long until we arrived the play area. It’s safe to say that the girls couldn’t wait to explore it, there was so much to do for them.

Holly loves sand and it wasn’t a surprise that this is what she wanted to do first. My dad sat with her to have a play, while Alice and my niece went off to explore the rest. Thankfully it is all together and we could still see my dad and Holly.

Alice and Ruby headed for this wooden tunnel adventure. They had to climb up a tunnel, through a tunnel and then come out the other end.

They loved it and it was nice to have something different to what we normally see in parks. Holly then joined the girls and they headed off to see what was next.

They loved running through these tunnels and were playing a little game, which looked like follow my leader, but they called it something else of course!

They had a trampoline that was only big enough for 1 person, which I haven’t seen before. I’ve only ever seen ones like this, that are about 3 times the size. The girls queued up to have a turn, which they didn’t mind but I think they would have preferred to go on all together.

They loved that there was a log swing which was big enough for all 3 of them to fit onto.

In the centre of the play area was this large slide and there was lots of different access points to get up to the top. All 3 girls spent a lot of time on this.

There were quite a few play equipment that both Alice and Ruby were too young and small to go on. Which is actually quite good because it means that this is a place that we can continue to go to for many years and there will be things for them to do and explore for the first time.

We took a picnic with us and there were a few picnic benches around, but as it was a hot summers day these went quite quickly. Thankfully we had a picnic blanket to sit on and there was plenty of space for us enjoy to enjoy our picnic.

There is also 2 cafes on site, The Dragonfly Cafe which offers refreshments, cakes and lunchtime options. There is also the Riverside Cafe, which offers light refreshments.

We had a lovely day out and there was plenty there to entertain the girls. There is also a large lake area, which we ran out of time to explore. We will definitely be returning!

Disclosure: I haven’t been asked to write about Dinton Pastures, I’m sharing as we genuinely had a lovely day out.


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  1. 06/10/2017 / 11:41

    Oh that play area looks amazing! I love that it’s free to visit, what a lovely day out in the fresh air.

  2. 06/10/2017 / 17:28

    I love Dinton Pastures! So many childhood memories for me, and I love what they’ve done with the play area. We used to love playing pooh sticks over the little bridge there. I’m still miffed they introduced parking charges though, it all used to be free!

  3. 07/10/2017 / 20:57

    Can you believe we still haven’t been here?! Really must! x

  4. I have never heard of this place but just looked it up and it is less than 30 minutes from us! Will head over there soon! #bigpinklink

  5. 12/10/2017 / 16:22

    Oh this looks so lovely!! I agree that the unusual play equipment looks awesome, and definitely a fun change to the usual generic park equipment that us parents get so used to! I loved your pictures too, so gorgeous, and lovely action shots! It sounds like a fab find to have on your list of places that you’ll love again and again x