A Trip to Beautiful Bath…The Ordinary Moments

A Trip to Beautiful Bath…The Ordinary Moments

Last Sunday it was our wedding anniversary and Andy had planned a lovely surprise for us, a trip to Bath. We went there the day after we got married and had a little ‘mini moon’, because we weren’t going on our honeymoon until Boxing Day.

Earlier in the year Andy had won an incentive at work and the prize was two tickets to any premiership football match. Now Andy loves football and this was perfect for him. But instead he managed to exchange the prize for a room at the MacDonald Bath Spa Hotel, where we stayed six years ago. When I say room, it was actually a suite and we had our own lounge. It was amazing!  He did good…

He had also booked for us to have a couple of hours at the Thermae Bath Spa in the town centre, I’ve always wanted to go. Andy has never been to a spa before, its not normally his kind of thing. But we had a lovely time, they have a swimming pool on the roof, that is like a bath. It had beautiful views across Bath. Sadly they don’t let you take any photos anywhere in the spa.


Afterwards we had a walk around the shops and through one of the many park areas they have in the centre. I really do love it there.

We then headed to our hotel to relax and get ready for dinner. I had a bath without any little people trying to get in with me. Then we walked back into town and passed a little area called ‘Laura Place’, it’s like I belong there!


It was a lovely meal and we had a couple of cocktails. As much as I love my girls and I was missing them like crazy, it was lovely not having to share my dinner or take Alice to the toilet a hundred times.

The next day as we were leaving the hotel, we went for a walk in the grounds. I had my camera with me and managed to find places to put the camera to take some pictures of us together. We have similar photos from six years ago and I wanted to capture this moment too.bath-grounds


It was a lovely couple of days and next time we go back I would love to take the girls.


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  1. 13/11/2016 / 14:21

    Beautiful photos and it sounds like a lovely romantic trip. A belated happy anniversary 🙂 I’ve never been to Bath, might have to add it to my visit list!

    Stevie x

  2. 13/11/2016 / 15:15

    Oh Bath spa is so lovely. I have to take my girls there soon too, my sister is there at uni and I still haven’t been to see her. I’m glad you had such a fab time, the Thermae Bath Spa is amazing isn’t it?

  3. 13/11/2016 / 17:53

    Oh, isn’t the Thermae Spa fantastic! I loved the rooftop pool – we ended up doing two stints in there as I found that I just couldn’t last long in the steam rooms at all so we had more time at the end! Sounds like the perfect weekend away, so glad you had a lovely break.

  4. 15/11/2016 / 23:18

    Ah I was hoping you would write about your trip! It looks like you had a lovely time and it looks so peaceful there. Bath is such a beautiful city isn’t it? You are making me crave some couple time! xx

  5. 16/11/2016 / 15:49

    Such fantastic photos, you guys make such a beautiful couple 🙂

  6. 03/02/2017 / 19:19

    Looks like a fabulous place to go for a weekend away #weekend goals !

  7. 09/07/2017 / 23:48

    Last month was our first anniversary. We went on a trip to the lovely City of Bath. It’s a great place for romantic getaway.