To The One I Love On Our Anniversary…

To The One I Love On Our Anniversary…

Eight years ago today we said ‘I do‘ and whilst on one hand I can still remember the day so clearly, that it only feels like yesterday. And on the other hand it feels like a lifetime ago when it was just you and me.

A time when our girls were just a dream we had, a time when you were my whole world, a time when it was your hand that I held as we walked down the street and a time when we finished conversations.

Whilst I loved it when it was just us, and we didn’t have as long as some couples do as a two. It was 2 years 8 months until we welcomed Alice into the world. And I will always be pleased we had this time to be us, it definitely made the base of our relationship strong ready for when we became a family. I don’t miss it.

I love our life right now. If I could hit the pause button at any point over the last 8 years, it would be now. I love our little family, the girls are at such a fun age, where they make us laugh every day. Life is a little bit easier and whilst there are still sleep deprived times, they are NOTHING like what they have been since we became parents.

I feel like we go on more adventures as a family now, creating memories and we are definitely better when we are all together.

Seeing you as a Dad to our girls, makes me fall in love with you over and over again. They adore you, I adore you, you are the one that keeps us together. You are the level headed one, the voice of reason when my mind has spun out of control. You ground me! There is nothing you wouldn’t do for your 3 girls, well apart from sharing your food, you still struggle to hand over a chip to your 4 year old 🙂 But we wouldn’t change you.

And as for us as a couple, you stood by me and pulled me through post natal depression. You are still the one that bears the brunt of my black days, but you are still the one that holds me up. For that I love you.

We will forever be Andy and Laura, without an ‘us’, there isn’t a family.

I still see that look of love in your eyes when you look at me and I hope you see it right back. We may not have many chances to just be us, and to be honest neither of us want that many, as we love being with our girls too much. But I can’t wait to spend Friday with you, to hold your hand, to be a couple and I promise I won’t ask for any of your food.



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  1. 06/11/2018 / 07:24

    This is so beautiful! Happy anniversary xx