Three Becomes Four…Looking Back #14

Three Becomes Four…Looking Back #14

Welcome back to my little mini series where I am looking back over our family memories, if you have missed one you can pop here to catch up.

After all the excitement of Alice’s second birthday party, three days later was her birthday. In typical Andy style he made a massive assumption that Holly would come early like her big sister and he would be on paternity leave. Well Holly decided she was quite comfortable in my tummy and hadn’t made an appearance. Oops! daddy fail…

Instead we spent the day with my parents and niece, which was lovely and Andy managed to finish work a bit earlier too. Let’s just say he hasn’t done that since.

looking back1 #14

I often thought about the possibility of my girls being born on the same day, after all they had the same due date. And it didn’t matter how I tried to tell myself it would be ok, I really didn’t want it to happen. I wanted them to have their own special day, which thankfully as I put Alice to bed that night I knew they would.

Five days later it was Andy’s birthday, yes August is a crazy busy month for me! I didn’t mind as much if Holly decided to arrive on his birthday, it would be quite sweet for a daddy and daughter day. But, she was still too comfy and stayed put for the day.

We plodded on towards her due date which fell on the Saturday of the August bank holiday, not great timing. We spent the day at a local theme park, I wasn’t going to sit around waiting for it to happen. We popped my hospital bag in the car and we were actually closer to the hospital there, than at home.

looking back #14

It was a lovely day, I was tired and very heavy, but I loved watching Alice and Andy have lots of fun together. I remember watching them in the sandpit thinking next time we come here there will be another little person, the final part of our jigsaw. In fact I spent most of the day thinking this.

We arrived back home, Alice went to bed and Andy went to the pub. It was his friends birthday and I told him to go, it doesn’t look like anything is happening soon. I couldn’t have been more wrong and went into labour a few hours later and had to call him back. I have shared Holly’s birth story here, if anyone loves a good birth story, Holly’s was not straight forward!!

Our beautiful baby girl arrived sixteen hours later and we became a family a four. Alice was with my parents and they brought her to the hospital to meet her baby sister. I honestly can’t tell you how special it felt to introduce Holly to her, her face was beaming and she loved her from that minute.

looking back2 #14

I came home later that day and it felt so surreal, but also so perfect to have both our girls at home with us. With Alice tucked up in bed, Andy and I collapsed on the sofa with Holly in my arms, not quite able to believe that she was here. It had been quite a journey with the pregnancy and sickness and the panic to the hospital, but that was all forgotten. Our beautiful girl had completed our family and we couldn’t have been any happier…


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  1. 09/06/2016 / 08:44

    Aww that’s so lovely. There’s such a lovely bond between sisters who are so close on age isn’t there? Friends from the start.

  2. Sounds like you made the most of those last few days when you were just a three before Holly made her arrival. I remember those last weeks feeling so long – like Alice, Jessica had also arrived a little early and I assumed Sophie would be the same (in the end she arrived four days after her due date). Love the photos of Alice meeting her baby sister for the first time – what a magical moment that must have been. #ablogginggoodtime

  3. 09/06/2016 / 16:09

    E and I are 2 days apart and I am so thankful for that, each having our special days means a lot to me x

    A great blog post x

  4. 09/06/2016 / 19:26

    This post has made me well up, I’ve got baby number 2 kn the way and I can’t stop imaging what life as 4 is going to be like. You’re brave going to a theme park that close to your due date, imagine if your waters had broken then!Typical that holly would decide to make a move when her Dad was in the pub hey?!August sounds busy for you but birthday celebrations are lovely 🙂 xx #blogginggoodtime

  5. 11/06/2016 / 11:44

    I so enjoyed reading last weeks and the birthday that I really welcomed the next part of the story. Babies come when we least expect it don’t they? I was bending down to grab a lasanga out the oven and boom waters broke and off we went to hospital 5 weeks early!!

    Thanks for linking to #ablogginggoodtime