The Best Of Me Everyday!

There are days in life where we wake up and everything in life goes right, you are in a good mood and feel ready to take on the day. It’s a good day and you wish that everyday you could have the best of you.

I’ve been determined to do this. I want to feel like me on a good day, everyday and make the most of the days. I’ve talked a lot about Holly starting school in September and now that we are in 2018 and she goes this year, it’s all starting to feel more real. I know from experience that these next few months will be a rollercoaster and never before have I not wanted the summer months to hurry up.

I want to have the energy, the excitement and the enthusiasm to get up and do something with her on the days she isn’t at preschool. On her preschool days I want to be productive and get all my work done, to enable me to relax more on my days with Holly and not be worrying about work that needs doing.

Is this possible? Am I asking too much from life?

I don’t think so and there are two things that I’m doing to make this happen. The first thing, is mindset. I do believe that a lot of how we’re feeling is down to our mindset. The days that I wake up and I’m exhausted from one of the girls waking up in the night, I right the day off immediately and tell myself to just get through the day.

Well not anymore. I’m going to get up with more of a can do attitude. Plan my days better, especially the time after school. I tend to just let the girls get on with things and limp to bedtime. I’m going to have different things we do each day and get organised.

The second thing that I’m going to do, (well actually I’ve started already but more on that later), is take Berocca every morning. If you haven’t heard of Berocca, it is a tablet that you take each day which is packed full of 8 vitamins, including vitamins B1 and B2 which work with your body to release your natural energy. Helping you to feel energised during the day. It is the number 1 energy vitamin.

Berocca have just brought out a new flavour, which is blackcurrant and I was lucky enough to be sent my very own personalised box to try out. I can tell your jealous, right?

Which means that I started taking Berocca every morning a few weeks ago and I’m really enjoying the new flavour. But even better than that, I’ve been feeling a lot more energised in the mornings. I’ve had an extra spring in my step and I’m not ready to collapse on the sofa by lunchtime. All of which is a massive win for me!

I know January can be seen as the month that we start on the right foot, setting goals, doing more challenges, saying that we’re going to make changes and then by March it’s all forgotten. But I genuinely don’t see a time when I won’t have Berocca in the morning, it takes no time at all to take, it’s making a massive difference to how I’m feeling and there really is no reason for me to stop.

How do you make sure you are at your best everyday?

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post with Berocca. 



  1. 10/01/2018 / 12:29

    Since having kids I am not sure I have every been at my best. Lip gloss covers the dry lips and off I go. I should probably start looking into vitamins though with the next one due soon.

  2. 10/01/2018 / 17:23

    I started taking Berocca over the summer and really love the energy boost it brings and all of the vitamins especially for this time of year. This sounds like a delicious new flavour from Berocca!! I’m glad it’s suiting you so well x

  3. 10/01/2018 / 21:57

    My little man is off to school this September too and I’m feeling the same way as you! And I really am jealous of your personalised Berocca!!! 🙂

  4. Love the sound of the new flavour. I regularly get broken night’s with my yoinfmgest so could use the energy boost! I hope your plan goes well.

  5. 11/01/2018 / 14:23

    It’s hard to be at your very best everyday, but I totally get where you’re coming from on this post as Aria is due to start school in September too and she just seems so much younger in age than when my eldest started. I want to make the most of the time with her before I loose her to school. Definitely could do with the energy boost at the moment being pregnant too!

  6. Vicki @ tippytupps
    11/01/2018 / 17:35

    This sounds great – I desperately need more energy! And the new flavour sounds great.

  7. 11/01/2018 / 19:38

    You’re spot on, attitude is a huge part of it – I’m definitely guilty of waking up after a bad night and writing the whole day off. But I feel exactly the same, I desperately want to make the most of these next few months. I don’t know why I’ve never tried Berocca, but I’m going to change that now!

  8. 11/01/2018 / 20:07

    I am totally loving the new flavour. I agree some is definitely mindset. The belief that you can do whatever you set your mind to. I like the idea of planned activities after school. I would like to do more of that on my day off, sometimes we can be guilty of floating. Berocca is now part of my morning routine too. x

  9. 13/01/2018 / 17:28

    My energy levels have been really low recently. I’ve used berocca before and it did pep me up, I should probably start drinking it again.

  10. 14/01/2018 / 20:56

    Love the sound of these Hun. I could do with some to
    Boost my energy levels ha x

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