Work With Us – T&C’s

Terms and Conditions for all collaborations and brand work.

  • Links are guaranteed to remain live for one calendar year only. Unless otherwise agreed. After this time I reserve the right to edit, alter or remove links altogether.
  • Social media posts will remain on my feed for three calendar months minimum. After which I reserve the right to archive or delete. Unless otherwise agreed.
  • Payment is to be made within 30 days of the content being posted, unless otherwise agreed prior to the work being completed. A late payment fee of 10% per week will be added thereafter.
  • 50% Kill Fee – If for any reason work which has been commissioned is cancelled before publication 50% of the agreed payment will be required to cover any work already completed. Once content has been published the full payment will be required.
  • Any changes to links, anchor texts or post details that were not in the original brief or requested more than 7 days after the content is live will incur and admin fee of £50.
  • For all pre written content, I reserve the right to edit in order to ensure that the tone of the article is appropriate and relevant to my audience. Specified links and anchor text will remain the same.
  • If you require exclusivity I can offer this, fee negotiable.



If you enter one of my giveaways where rafflecopter is used as the means of entering, then please do be careful in the information that you provide me and I will always check the winners entries to make sure you’ve entered correctly.

I add my giveaways to two competition sites:

Prize Finder


My giveaways are open to residents of the UK only, unless otherwise stated due to postage costs for the company or myself.

Please be aware that prizes will be sent out, usually from the PR company associated with the brand directly or directly from the businesses themselves. I do not send the prizes out, unless otherwise stated. In the event of un-received prizes, I cannot be held responsible. I will do my very best to chase prizes up, as I would be as upset as the winner if a PR company did not keep their word, but that is all I will be able to do.

Winners of my giveaways will be emailed directly by me, so that I can obtain their name and address and any other additional information that I need to send on to the relevant PR company or business.