The Story Of Us..Part Four

The Story Of Us..Part Four

I’m officially the worst blogger, I can’t believe it’s been four months since I wrote part three of the Story Of Us. How bad is that? But then, I can’t believe that we are in May already, this year is whizzing by.

At the end of part three, I left you with Andy having just proposed to me in the snow. If you missed parts one and two catch them here.

Once Andy had proposed it was then all about setting a date and we both agreed we wanted it to be that year. I also really wanted a winter wedding and with this in mind we went for a date in November, which gave me nine months to plan it all. The first job was choosing the best man, ushers and bridesmaids. These were easy choices for us both and we couldn’t wait to ask our friends and family if they would take on these roles.

Thankfully they all said ‘yes’. Next was finding a venue, we knew we wanted to get married in Andy’s local church, which just meant we needed somewhere for the wedding reception. I didn’t have a long list of criteria for my venue, the only one that I wouldn’t budge on, is that it had to have somewhere for people to be able stay over. My lovely nan would be coming and at aged 90 I knew that she would want to go to bed fairly early. Then with her safely in her room it meant my mum could still enjoy the evening.

After looking at A LOT of venues we found the one that was right for us. We were also quite mindful of our guests and as a lot of them were local we wanted to make taxi’s home as cheap as possible. The venue was booked and that was a big weight of our mind.

The wedding dress! Such a big thing for any bride getting that perfect dress. I am SO lucky that my aunty makes (or made she is retired now) wedding dresses for a living. This meant that I could have any dress I wanted, ha ha! I went dress shopping with my friend and bridesmaid to see what I liked and didn’t like. What suited me and didn’t suit me. Taking pictures, that we could show my aunty. It wasn’t long until I knew exactly how I wanted my dress to look and now all I needed to do was get the picture in my head to make sense to my aunty.

Now when it comes to dress making she is pretty amazing and the wedding dresses she has made are just stunning. After a visit to her house I left her with the wonderful job of bringing my dress to life.

I was also pretty lucky that Andy’s best man’s girlfriend (are you still with me?) had her own florist and she was going to do my flowers for me (I did pay her). I had decided on red and cream as my theme colours and red roses for my bouquet.

I thought that agreeing on our honeymoon destination was going to be tricky. Andy doesn’t really like lying by the pool for weeks, whereas this is heaven to me. We decided to write down in secret three places that we would like to go to and start from there. My three choices were, Australia, Maldives and Lake Garda. I can’t remember what all the three choices were that Andy had down, but to my surprise, delight and sheer excitement we had one the same…Australia!

With the church sorted, venue sorted, dress sorted and honeymoon sorted. It was now all the fun little things to do to make our day more personal to us. I loved planning our wedding and I wish I could go back and do it all again (with Andy of course).

Come back for part five where I share our big day….I promise I won’t leave it as long this time.



  1. 19/05/2017 / 09:12

    Yay, I love reading these! Isn’t wedding planning the best? I really miss having a huge event to plan for 🙂 Can’t wait to hear the next part!

  2. 19/05/2017 / 10:11

    I am just loving reading your story Laura. I popped back to read parts two and three again to catch up. You two are just so adorable. And eeek I get to meet you on Sunday!

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