Snapshot of…July

Snapshot of…July

July has been a really busy month and there have been lots of milestone moments.

Here is our snapshot of July…

My Alice…


This month you did so much in your last few weeks at your preschool, you had sports day and you were so much more confident than you were last year. You took part in all the events and you didn’t cling to the teacher like you did last year. It was lovely to watch you.

You had your first disco, a leavers disco at your preschool. You were so excited to go and had lots of fun. A few days later you then had your last day at preschool, we were sad to see you leave, as you’ve had such a lovely time there and made lots of memories.

It was a month that you also got chicken pox, you coped really well with it and the spots have nearly all gone.

You love…

Your new school shoes, you are literally bursting to go to big school so you can wear them

To ride your new scooter at every opportunity

To eat crackers, these are your thing this month and want them all the time

To watch Princess Sofia again, she went out of favour for a while, but she is back in and you love it again

Little Holly…


You turned twenty three months and I honestly don’t know how that happened, you are going to be two in a few weeks and that just seems crazy.

Such a happy little mischievous girl and your speech is amazing. You are a proper little chatterbox just like your sister.

You love…

Having your sister home everyday and I am not sure how you will cope when she goes to school five days a week

Your babies, you always have one tucked under your arm and you are really caring towards them. 

To sing nursery rhymes, I am amazed at what you know already. Your favourite is Baa Baa Black Sheep

Your jelly shoes that are pink and sparkly, you call them your party shoes for some reason!

What we got up to…

It was a busy month with the lead up to the end of preschool, we had sports day, leavers disco and Alice also had her last ever class at ballet. Since the holidays began Alice has had chicken pox, so we haven’t really had a chance to enjoy the holidays yet. But the spots are going and we had a lovely day at the weekend, with an afternoon treat.

My favourite moment…

My favourite moment has been watching how caring my girls are towards each other. When Alice had chicken pox, we were lucky to have some sunny days and could spend time in the garden. Alice would have bursts of energy to play and then she would relax on the lounger. Holly would come over and join her, snuggling in with her sister to make sure she was ok.


August is a busy month for me, I have both the girls birthday’s and Andy’s birthday in the middle of them. So, it will be a month of celebrations.



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  1. 01/08/2016 / 06:52

    Lovely photos. I particularly love the last one. A nice moment between two siblings. #MarvMondays

  2. 01/08/2016 / 08:49

    Awww lovely photos and they clearly have such a fantastic bond 🙂 #Marvmondays

  3. 01/08/2016 / 09:10

    Lovely photos. Looks like you had a great month x #MarvMondays

  4. 01/08/2016 / 16:08

    Oh gorgeous photos, especially that one of the two of them together. And the whole thing about the new school shoes is happening here too, they are just SO exciting aren’t they??

  5. Liane
    01/08/2016 / 16:56

    It sounds like a great month, minus the chicken pox!
    Hope your August is just as great 🙂 It’s my birthday month too! #MarvMondays

  6. 02/08/2016 / 16:13

    Awww it’s lovely to see that the sisters are getting along really well and that the chicken pox has nearly all cleared up. #MarvMondays

  7. 02/08/2016 / 22:09

    Gorgeous photos. Sounds like a good month minus the chicken pox. They definitely seem to be doing the rounds at the moment.x #marvmondays

  8. 04/08/2016 / 17:52

    Sounds like you have had a lovely month, except for the chicken pox. Love all your photos. #MarvMondays

  9. 05/08/2016 / 13:17

    How beautiful are those photos 🙂 Have a lovely august

  10. 06/08/2016 / 23:50

    What a lovely update, lots of big milestones for your girls. I love how they love to look after each other, such a sweet thing to see 🙂 Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily

  11. Lizzie firstooth
    07/08/2016 / 19:27

    A lovely month, although chicken pox probably wasn’t so lovely. On the bright side at least she’s had it now and it’s much easier when they’re younger (so I’ve heard). I bet you’re excited and sad about your little ones birthday! Time really does go quickly doesn’t it, my daughter is a few months younger than yours and I’m still clinging onto the days for dear life. She carries a baby everywhere too x #marvmondays