Six Months Blogging…My Rambling Thoughts!

Six Months Blogging…My Rambling Thoughts!

I can’t believe it’s been six months since I first pressed publish on my first post having no clue what world awaited me. My little online diary that would help me make sense of my thoughts and get them out of my head. It didn’t take long for me to be bitten by the blogging bug and I love it, I can’t imagine a time when I won’t be blogging.

Here are my rambling thoughts of six months blogging…

Since September when we made the decision for me not to return to work and to look after our two girls, which was the best and right decision to make. I found myself a bit lost, I was loosing the person that I was and in its place was Alice and Holly’s mum. Now, I love being their mummy more than anything in the world, but I also needed to be Laura. I first thought about doing a blog four years ago when i was on maternity leave with Alice, but I just didn’t quite have the push to do it. My thoughts returned to it, I thought long and hard about it, discussed it with Andy and then made than final decision to do it. The reason being that I needed something for me, something that would give me my identity back, a place for me to record my life with my family and blogging has definitely done all that.

I quickly stumbled upon the blogging community and was amazed at what a lovely supportive bunch bloggers are. I was lucky enough to meet some lovely bloggers at BritMums Live recently and put faces to names. You hear a lot about blogging tribes and that you need to find your own. I don’t really like the idea of tribes, it makes it sound very non-inclusive where people have their tribe and no one can join it. But, I do think that it would be lovely to have some blogging friends, people that you connect with and can bounce ideas of, ask those stupid questions and generally have a chat with. But, that means putting myself out there and I am not very good at that bit, I worry about the door not being opened. But, its something that I will try to work on and see if I can find some blogging buddies.

Promote, comment, promote, comment! These are the two things that as a blogger you have to spend a lot of time doing. No one is going to just randomly find your blog, and while at the start you may not care if no one reads it, this quickly changes. You start to think it would be nice if someone took the time to read what has taken you a long time to do. This takes most of my time, prompting my posts across social media and also reading and commenting on other bloggers posts. This part I really enjoy and I am always amazed at the variety of posts people write.

Photos! I always took a lot of photos of my girls, but its all changed since I started blogging. I still take a lot of photos, in fact I take more photos. But, I take different photos, I see things differently, I think about the photo more. Obviously I do this quickly as they don’t stay still for long, but I have learnt so much about how to take the perfect photo and I am still trying tot take those perfect photos. But, I definitely think my photos have got better in the last six months. It’s the area of blogging that interests me the most and one that I want to develop. Joining in with the Me and Mine Family Project has given me photos of the four of us that I never would have taken and that I will be always be grateful for.

I have even started my own linky, Sharing the Blog Love, with the lovely Katy over at Hot Pink Wellingtons. I enjoy taking part in linky’s and I wanted to run one too and was so pleased when Katy said ‘yes’ to hosting one with me. We launched it last week and had an amazing 36 bloggers link up, which Katy and I were amazed and delighted about. We love our linky and we really hope that everyone else will to.

Blogging has given me so much in the last six months and I can’t wait to see where the next six months takes me.



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  1. Time certainly flies when you’re blogging doesn’t it. I can’t believe I’ve had my site since 2008! Good luck for the future 🙂

  2. 06/07/2016 / 07:14

    It’s so nice to reflect on what you has achieved so far! Only months? Wow, your blog looks great and I love your linky. Will be back on it tomorrow I agree so much with you. As I put in my last post here: , I met some amazing people even if I don’t know them in person.

  3. 06/07/2016 / 08:52

    I’ve only written two blog posts so this is a whole new world to me so reading how much you’ve accomplished in 6 months is really inspiring. Plus I’ve realised there’s things I didn’t know that I didn’t know haha! Linkys? Blogger tribes? I’m going to have to do some homework I feel! Good luck for another 6 months!!

  4. 06/07/2016 / 08:54

    Congratulations on 6 months! You’ve achieved an amazing amount in that time, you should be really proud. You’re already much braver than me in terms of putting yourself out there – I’ve not plucked up the nerve to meet any other bloggers yet (although that should hopefully change soon!)

    The photography one is one that’s really surprised me. My photos have definitely improved a lot, without having had any instruction on how to improve – it’s amazing what you just pick up by intuition. Of course, now I’ve done a short little course I’m hoping they’ll pick up lots! I love the idea of having all the family photos from Me and Mine – such a lovely record to look back on.

  5. 06/07/2016 / 08:59

    Wow, I thought you’d been blogging longer than that, you’re so good at it! Really glad you decided to start blogging, I love to read your blog.

  6. Dean of Little Steps
    06/07/2016 / 09:31

    That’s a lot for six months! Well done Laura 🙂 I was a silent blogger for years and never got into the whole social media bandwagon until I joined my first FB group and then I realised how much hard work it is! I used to just hit the publish button and that’s it. Oh yes it would automatically link up with my FB, twitter and others. Hahaha. But you’ve nailed it. Congratulations 🙂

  7. 06/07/2016 / 10:23

    Congrats on the 6 months! I actually thought you had been blogging longer. You have done so well in such a short time! Well done!! x

  8. 06/07/2016 / 16:47

    Congratulations on reaching your 6 month blog-versarry!! It really is amazing how time flies 🙂

  9. 06/07/2016 / 18:18

    Congrats on 6 months, you’ve done so well – I thought your blog had been around for much long, how inspiring. I agree that the community is so supportive 🙂 #bloggerclubuk

  10. charlotte
    06/07/2016 / 18:43

    yay congrats on six months, awesome acheivements #BloggerClubUK

  11. 06/07/2016 / 21:24

    You’ve done so well in just 6 months – I started in Jan and still feel like the new girl!! I’m pretty lazy on the old photos front, I think its because I’m not totally into Instagram yet but I’m sure I’ll get addicted at some point! Happy half birthday 🙂 x #BloggerClubUK

  12. 06/07/2016 / 21:24

    You have done so well in only six months! I started blogging for the same reason, I was on maternity leave and found out I was pregnant again so could not return to work and was bored. I look forward to seeing where the next six months take you xx

  13. Happy bloggy half-birthday – I have to say I’m surprised it’s only been six months as it certainly feels like you’ve been part of the blogging community for longer! Lovely to read more about what you’ve learned in your six months so far – promote comment promote comment sums it all up quite beautifully! Looking forward to joining in with your linky over the coming weeks and always love seeing photos of your gorgeous girlies 🙂 #bloggerclubuk

  14. 06/07/2016 / 21:29

    Congrats on the 6 mo this mark, it does fly by doesn’t it. It’s also amazing just how time consuming it is, the writing part actually feels like the smallest part… Definitely worth it though, mingling with other bloggers (virtually or in person) is always a plus for me xx #bloggerclubuk

  15. 06/07/2016 / 22:02

    Happy 6 month blogging anniversary! Time certainly flies when you are having fun. I know what you mean about commenting and promoting, it doe consume you it like you say, getting to find andread such fab blogs is lovely. #BloggerClubUK

  16. 06/07/2016 / 22:09

    Happy anniversary! I didnt realise that you started blogging at the same time as me 🙂 I have it in my list for tomorrow to link up to your new linky! xxx

  17. 06/07/2016 / 22:17

    Congrats on your six month blogiversary! I love blogging and understand all your sentiments, it’s something lovely to have for yourself. Well done x

  18. Cat
    06/07/2016 / 22:36

    It’s great to read this kind of post and see how far all you seasoned bloggers have got! I’m still considering myself a newbie, 2 weeks in! 🙂
    P.S. I’m one of the 36! Xxx

  19. 07/07/2016 / 07:22

    Happy six month anniversary! Blogging is such a fantastic creative outlet, isn’t it, and such a wonderful supportive community too.

  20. 07/07/2016 / 07:25

    Congrats on what you’ve accomplished in 6 months! Hopefully the next 6 will be even better. It’s inspiring to read about what you’ve done. I’ve been writing a blog for years but recently have wanted to try and get more people to read my stuff. Even getting involved in linkys etc is slow going and got realise the hard work involved, something I struggle with because I can’t do much on my working days. But I’ll just keep plodding away since you’ve proved that putting in the effort pays off! #BloggerClubUK

  21. 07/07/2016 / 12:56

    Congrats on 6 months! I would love to make some blogger friends too but I also struggle to put myself out there! Perhaps that will be my aim for the next 6 months!

  22. 07/07/2016 / 19:06

    Ah this is lovely to read Laura. I love hearing about other bloggers blogging journeys. It always makes me reflect on my own. Congratulations on 6 months. Here’s to the next 6 months! <3 x

  23. Wow I thought you’d been going for years! You’re so focused and professional – much more than me! P.s, I’ll be your blogging buddy 😉 xx

  24. 07/07/2016 / 23:27

    Time flies when you are having fun, congrats on the 6 months ! I too have fallen in love with blogging and have discovered I need to focus more on my own blog posts than worrying about the linkies, the series etc.

  25. 08/07/2016 / 08:54

    The cycle of life for a blog, publish, promote,comment and it starts again. I have been blogging for 3 years now and I love it.

  26. Well done on the first 6 months! You have put so much effort in and it shows. You are really established and your blog looks great! I really hear what you are saying about wanting something to get your identity back. I feel similar with mine. At work, I am someone’s minion and at home I am my children’s minion! Thanks for sharing. Kathy xx

  27. 11/07/2016 / 19:15

    I can’t believe you have only been going for 6 months! Your commitment to blogging and the effort you put in definitely shows, you have a beautiful, professional blog and you have established yourself as a ‘proper blogger’ very quickly. You are right about the amount of promotion that you need to do for every post, it sometimes feels like I’m stuck on a treadmill and unfortunately I just don’t have the stamina to do it properly. The photos side of things is a massive plus for me too, suddenly I have photos that I adore looking at over and over again, rather than just quick rushed snaps, and I’m so great full for that. I’m looking forward to following your blog for a long time to come, and hopefully even meet you in person one day maybe? Congratulations on 6 months xx

    • 11/07/2016 / 19:27

      Thank you for the lovely comment, that means so much to me. I am definitely not a ‘proper blogger’, but its kind of you to say that. I hope we get to meet too, I don’t think we live too far away from each other too? xx