A Simple Daffodil Craft…

A Simple Daffodil Craft…

As you know this year I am a Bostik Blogger and we are sent a box of craft items each month along with a theme. So far we’ve had  Valentines Day , Easter , and Birds. This month the theme is flowers. Now you may notice I have my own theme going on when you see what I am doing this month. Yes, my theme is yellow, which just happens to be my favourite colour. It’s not deliberate, I must be drawn to it!

A Simple DIY Daffodil

Materials you will need…

  • Yellow paper
  • Glue – I used the Bostik Fine & Wide Glu Pen
  • Green lolly sticks
  • Yellow cupcake cases
  • Scissors
  • A pen

Step by step guide…

1.Draw the flower shape on the yellow paper, I did this free hand and cut it out.

2. Take the cupcake cases and using the Bostik Glu Pen stick them to the centre of the flower head. I’ve been using this Glu Pen a lot since becoming a Bostik blogger and it’s brilliant for children. Both my girls can use it easily and it’s fairly mess free.

3. Next take the green lolly sticks. If you don’t have green ones, you could paint them and let them dry first. Add some glue to one end of the lolly stick, I covered about a quarter of each stick. Then stick it to the back of the flower.

4. And there you go a nice simple daffodil craft.

Disclosure: I am a Bostik blogger for 2017 and these items were sent to me for the purpose of this blog post.


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  1. 07/05/2017 / 10:22

    Oh this is a lovely craft! Perfect for young children and you could make a whole bunch as a gift! I think we might give it a go.

  2. 08/05/2017 / 09:53

    What a fantastic craft!
    So so adorable, I doubt our effort would look as good as yours but we will try it soon, maybe I’ll send a picture haha!

  3. 08/05/2017 / 19:37

    This is such a cool idea! I love arts and crafts with the kiddies.

  4. Laura - Postcards For Findlay
    01/06/2017 / 12:47

    This is a brilliant idea! I’m terrible at all things artsy but even I could manage this one! Thanks for sharing 🙂 #SharingTheBlogLove

  5. 01/06/2017 / 14:52

    These look fab – and super easy! That’s my kind of art & craft – I’m a bit rubbish at doing stuff like this with Toby and Gabe but these look like something that even we could manage 🙂 #SharingTheBlogLove

  6. 01/06/2017 / 17:09

    These are such a great craft. An excellent one for little toddlers crafts xx

  7. 05/06/2017 / 11:48

    These look so pretty and I’m fairly sure I have all the supplies lurking in my cupboard. I think my son would really like making these, especially if I gave him the challenge of cutting out the flower too. #craftycorner

  8. 09/06/2017 / 14:32

    Love this, my son’s nursery did something very similar for Mother’s Day with his little picture in the middle of the cupcake case. Longest lasting flower I’ll ever have #craftycorner

  9. 10/06/2017 / 19:51

    Super cute, we’ve made these before for Easter. #craftycorner

  10. 15/06/2017 / 21:49

    This is a lovely little creation. #CraftyCorner

  11. 24/06/2017 / 09:50

    Oh I am going to try these with the boys later, they will love this. Fab idea 🙂 x