My girls…February

My girls…February

For the last week Alice has been really poorly and just when I think she is getting better, we are back to the beginning again.This has meant that getting a picture of the two of them has been a challenge, not only because Alice is poorly, but also it’s getting difficult to keep Holly still for longer than two minutes.

Even though Alice has been poorly, Holly hasn’t wanted to be without her. She would climb up in her bed and say ‘row row’, and Alice would sing row row the boat for her little sister. They never want to be apart and Alice would do anything for her little sister, even ill in bed.


As I write this, Alice and I are snuggled in bed, while Holly is napping. Alice is really tired, but doesn’t want to have a sleep, so I’m hoping she might doze off while snuggled up…


But, this morning Alice was feeling a bit perkier and we decided that we could all do with some fresh air. For a long time Alice has asked me if she can take her dolls pram with us on the walk and I have always been a cruel mummy and said ‘no’. The reason being that I would struggle to manage her walking safely, while also pushing Holly in the pushchair. So, today with daddy with us and Alice needing to be cheered up a bit, I suggested she took her dolls pram. She was very excited…look at that smile.

Of course I had to take one for Holly too, as at the moment she wants to be just like her big sister. When we arrived at the park, Holly had a go with her pushchair too. They were very cute together pushing them along with their dolls, Alice making sure that Holly was keeping up with her.


When we got back I did attempt to get them to sit nicely together, as I just don’t have as many photos of them together at this age, as I did when Holly couldn’t move…

Not the best photo, but then it does sum up our life right now…Holly being a monkey and not sitting still, with Alice trying to give her a hug.



The love they have for each other grows each month and they love to be with each other, I hope this continues and they will always love having each other…


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  1. 16/02/2016 / 10:16

    Alice’s little face with that pushchair is just gorgeous! Happiness personified.
    Sorry you’re having such a tough time of it with illness and a troublesome toddler (I have the same here so feel your pain!) but I’m sure things will be on the up soon.
    Helps now the sun is out (maybe only for today but it’s made me feel better seeing blue skies that’s for sure!) x

    • 17/02/2016 / 09:20

      Thank you 🙂 She was so happy, such a simple thing, that bought her so much joy. Luckily she is feeling much better and we are hoping to get out and about for the rest of this week. x

  2. cvnxena
    16/02/2016 / 18:32

    aww it’s lovely that they are so close! and can lean on (and amuse) each other! hopefully there will be less illness going around soon when the weather starts to pick up!

    • 17/02/2016 / 09:17

      I love their relationship, it great to watch it growing over time. Yes, can’t wait for spring 🙂

  3. 16/02/2016 / 19:34

    That is so sweet – what a lovely relationship they have. And such a smile on Alice’s face with her pushchair, the perfect pick-me-up.

    • 17/02/2016 / 09:16

      They are very sweet together and love to do the same thing. It’s adorable to watch 🙂

  4. 16/02/2016 / 20:08

    Awww such beautiful girls and sorry to hear your eldest is ill hope she gets better soon. The smile on her face pushing her pram is pure joy

    • 17/02/2016 / 09:15

      She absolutely loved it, definitely perked her up a bit! She is much better now thank you 🙂

  5. 16/02/2016 / 20:33

    You have beautiful children hun and the bond they have between them is as clear as day for anyone to see. Hope she feels better soon rest up hunny xxx

    • 17/02/2016 / 09:14

      Ah thank you, that is very kind of you to say 🙂 Thankfully she is feeling much better and is back in action!! x

    • 17/02/2016 / 09:13

      Thank you 🙂 Yes, thankfully Alice is all better now and full of beans again! x

  6. 16/02/2016 / 23:05

    Oh the two of them pushing the toy prams together is so cute, you will be able to keep it to show them when they are mums themselves. Its lovely that they are so close, I am hoping my two little boys will form a similar bond once number two makes his arrival in May xx

    • 17/02/2016 / 09:13

      Thank you 🙂 They loved it, it was adorable watching them. Yes, definitely one to keep and show them. There is something every special about watching a siblings love grow over time, you will enjoy it too x

  7. 16/02/2016 / 23:55

    Some beautiful photos here. Kids are so resilient when they are ill but do put us parents through the mill

    • 17/02/2016 / 09:11

      Thank you 🙂 Yes, it has been a tough week and now passed the germs onto me 🙁

  8. Idaintyit
    17/02/2016 / 10:56

    Im glad they are feeling better. We have been ill too and managed to get out yesterday in the sunshine and felt even better for it. It is so sweet how close they are, i hope my kids will be this close

    • 19/02/2016 / 16:21

      It’s does help if you can just get out for a little bit. Thank you, they are really close its lovely to watch x

  9. mummydaddyme
    18/02/2016 / 21:48

    Aw gorgeous, they look so cute with their buggies. I hope you are all feeling a bit better now. x

    • 19/02/2016 / 16:15

      Thank you, they really loved it. Yes, we are well again thank goodness x