My Girls…May 2016

My Girls…May 2016

I don’t quite know what happened to April, I just seemed to blink and it was May. I was determined to be organised with my photos this month and to also try and capture them when they are at their best…outdoors.

We were driving back from my parents house, it was a late sunny afternoon and normally I would be grateful to get home and have a bit of time before starting dinner. But, it seemed such a shame to not squeeze a bit more out of the day.

We stopped off for a walk where we used to live, the plan was to walk across this lovely field with a small wooded area in the middle. But luck was not on my side, we reached the field to be met with a barb wire fence. Oh, now what was I going to do with two little ones I had promised we were having a walk…

We turn back and I spot a field with some sheep in and try to distract the girls away from a walk with the sheep. In my mind I had completely abandoned any hope of getting photos of them today.


But, then suddenly they climb on the fence and start singing baa baa black sheep to the sheep, it was completely adorable and I just had to capture it. Even if the photos were just going to be for me.


I just sat back and watched them, taking in their ever growing relationship. Alice is the caring big sister, looking out for her sister and Holly while she loves to do her own thing and is the boss in the relationship. She also looks up to her big sister and copies everything she does and says.


They then decided to have a race to mummy, squealing with delight.


Of course Holly had brought a bag with her, she doesn’t leave the house without one. So, they thought it would be a great idea to fill it up with stones!!


As we went to leave Alice raced ahead and Holly was running behind calling ‘Alliice’ and Alice stops to let her catch up.


It was a lovely late afternoon stroll to a field gate and back.

Later that night when they were tucked up in bed, I took a look back at the photos and I just couldn’t not share them. They sum up my girls together so perfectly.

I love how Alice is looking after her sister, I love how into finding the right stones they were and I just love how something so simple brought them so much happiness together.


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  1. 15/05/2016 / 07:56

    Oh what a caring big sister Alice is! She reminds me of my Indiana, and makes me excited to see how she’s going to be when her brother is bigger! Sometimes I think these unplanned moments are most special aren’t they xx

  2. 15/05/2016 / 08:03

    What a sweet relationship your girls have! You can definitely tell how kind and caring Alice is from these photos. The one of her trying to grab Holly back made me giggle because that is exactly the kind of thing that Mabel would do when Greta was a bit smaller. Beautiful photos to treasure xx

  3. 15/05/2016 / 08:09

    They are lovely photos, that last one reminds me of my two – G is always waiting for LJ to catch up. Glad you managed to get a little more out of the day, these longer evenings are great arent they? xx #SiblingsProject

  4. Aww they’re so sweet together, you can see how much they enjoy each other’s company and oh my goodness, singing baa baa black sheep to the sheep is just too cute for words!

  5. I love how those photos really capture the relationship between your two girls and that one of them cuddling is just adorable. What a wonderful moment to watch – them standing on the gate singing “Baa Baa Black Sheep” to the sheep sounds like one of those beautiful moments you wish you could just lock away and store up for ever. I also love the photo where Alice is looking back to let Holly catch up. Beautiful moments 🙂

  6. 15/05/2016 / 09:34

    Aww Laura these are lovely and really do capture their sisterly bond. It’s the little moments like these that are the best isn’t it?! xx

  7. Mouse
    15/05/2016 / 22:07

    You’ve given me a little glimpse of what I have to come! I can’t wait until my two can run around together.

  8. 16/05/2016 / 23:34

    I adore the stripy dress! I may have to find one for E.

  9. 18/05/2016 / 00:54

    Such gorgeous photos. And a really similar dynamic to my two as well, Libby is always the mothering big sister, looking out for Lia and making she is ok and behaving herself!

  10. 18/05/2016 / 08:54

    Great photos – I love how you have captured the moment perfectly with these snaps. I love the handbag as well, really pretty. Your girls have such a lovely bond, I love that Alice stopped to let Holly catch up 🙂

  11. 18/05/2016 / 10:15

    oh how cute. These pictures are gorgeous and I love that she was collecting stones. Thats the type of thing sylvia does.
    Angela from Daysinbed

  12. Aw bless they really do seem like the best of friends. I wish my children got on so well, they just seem to fight as they are so close in age xx

  13. 18/05/2016 / 19:18

    These are such lovely photos – sometimes it’s the simplest, most everyday things which really capture kids I think. You can see how close they are to each other here as well, which is wonderful.

  14. 18/05/2016 / 19:32

    Awww your kids are adorable and they seem like really close siblings and glad you made use of a perfect sunny day

  15. 19/05/2016 / 01:01

    What cute pictures! Their relationship sounds a lot like the one my girls have! My eldest is the caring big sister, and the little one is the boss too!

  16. 19/05/2016 / 13:07

    It is so lovely how Alice looks after her sister – what a wonderful big sister she is! I love the hugging photo. It’s great to have these sunny days to head out & explore. I agree – April blew by! x

    • 22/05/2016 / 07:36

      She is a great big sister, I love watching them together x

  17. 21/05/2016 / 21:38

    They really are lovely photos and how great to see their relationship develope. Impromptu walks are the best. Even if the normal way was shut off. It looks like they made their own fun. Big question is…… What did you do with the stones?