Sharing The Memories With My Picture…

Sharing The Memories With My Picture…

I’ve always been someone that loves to take photos. When I was younger I used to buy those disposable cameras for nights out and oh boy did they give me some funny memories. Now of course we have a camera at our fingertips everyday with camera phones.

I take A LOT of photos and have captured lots of special moments and ordinary moments. Each photo telling a story, sparking a memory and bringing a smile to my face.

What I’m trying to get better at is putting the photos into albums, to have a record of our lives and I know that I will love looking back at them in years to come.

My Picture recently got in touch and asked me to try out their products. I haven’t done any albums yet for 2017 and as we are now half way through the year I’ve captured so many photos.

I choose a photo book and quickly started to go through my photos and picking out the ones I wanted to include. My Picture made this process easy for me, as I could pop all the photos I wanted to include in an area on their site. Once that was done I could start putting my photo book together.

Choosing the cover photo was easy, I just love this photo of the girls. It sums up their personalities perfectly for this moment in time. I added the year and you can choose the font and colour too.

You then start on the inside of the photo book. For each page you can choose the layout that you require for the photos. I played about with the layouts for each set of photos, working out which worked best for the photos.

To get the photos into the photo book, you just drag and drop them. This gave you the ability to get the position right and to move the photos around to the slot that they looked best in.

Depending on how many photos I had that went together, decided the layout that I choose for each page. I really like that each page is different and to have the flexibility.

I’m delighted with my photo book. The quality of the pages is good and the photos too. The cover is a hardback cover, but there is a soft cover and ring binder option.

The photo books start at £4.99 and it depends how many pages you choose and the style of photo book.

Having recently had some photo shelves put up in our new living room, I was looking for some photo frames. My Picture have a good selection for you to choose from. I went for the framed photo with passe-partout and the size is 20x20cm. They also have personalised canvas prints as an option too.

Once you’ve uploaded your choosen photo you are having. it gives you a view of how it will look and the option to change the size of the frame. I choose to have silver frames, but there are 8 different options for you to choose from and you can choose to have it in colour or black and white.

When they arrived I couldn’t get over how light to hold they are and the quality is really good. I was impressed with how thick the frames were and they look really great and sturdy on my photo shelves.

I’m delighted with both my frames and my photo book. It’s lovely to have the photos to look at everyday on my new shelves and to have the memories of the photo book is wonderful.

My 20x20cm framed photo has a RRP of £14.90. They do sizes up to 60x40cm, which has a RRP of £39.90. You can buy them online here.

My Picture also have a range of personalised products and you an buy a personalised photo cushion’s or a personalised photo blanket too.

My Picture are giving my readers the option to receive a FREE canvas. All you have to pay for is the delivery charge. You will be able to create your own personalised 20×20 cm or 30×20 cm canvas print from My PictureThe promotion code you need to redeem this offer is: BEARANDBEANY and it is available until 31st July 2017. One available per person and this promotion is the responsibility of My Picture. 

I hope you create lots of memories too…

Disclosure: I received my products in return for an honest review. All views and opinions are my own.



  1. 27/06/2017 / 14:13

    Oh this is something I really need to do more of as well, I never print them out enough. those books are gorgeous and I really like the frames too, quite retro.

  2. 27/06/2017 / 19:47

    I take loads of photos too. I need to take some time out to sort through them. Get some nice ones printed. I quite like the idea of photo books too.. especially as I have taken far too many photos.

  3. 27/06/2017 / 20:59

    Gosh both these products look fab and the prices seem really reasonable too. Like you I need to get more photo printed out again like I used to in the old days. I think I’ll make my Mum a new book for her birthday. Mich x

  4. Shelagh
    28/06/2017 / 12:19

    These are gorgeous. Will definitely check this out

  5. 28/06/2017 / 22:51

    Loving all of these! We make picture books for most big events,in fact we just made one for my husband for his 40th birthday. They are a great way to relive memories, Those frames look great too, I love the colour. X

  6. 29/06/2017 / 21:01

    Oh my goodness – I must have spent hundreds on those disposable cameras, I use crack out a fresh one for each night out! I also use to have photo books printed for each holiday I went on but with the advent of digital photos, it’s one of those things that I haven’t kept up. looking at your gorgeous photos has reminded me just how much I enjoyed putting them together and looking through them once they’d arrived – might have to order one x

  7. 30/06/2017 / 09:30

    I am so impressed with the quality of your prints. I love picture books and think that they make a great present. However, I have always been put off as I assume that they are fiddly. But this sounds so easy and I love the fact that you can just drag and drop them to get the photos just where you want them. Pefect and so easy!

  8. 01/07/2017 / 20:01

    Oh what a great offer I’m popping over for a look after this! I would love some photo shelves although we don’t have anywhere to put them at the moment. The frames look great and would match some we have on our lounge. Great price too. Xx

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