Sharing The Blog Love Showcase…#40

Sharing The Blog Love Showcase…#40

I’m back with another week of #SharingtheBlogLove showcase, which my chance to share with you my favourite posts from last week’s link up. And a chance for you to give them some extra love, as that it what our linky is all about.

Five Little Doves

The world of social media is a wonderful place at times, but it is also a strange place too. On the whole I love it and Instagram is definitely my happy place. Reading this post by Laura, I’m sorry I fooled you, really got me thinking. Laura shares how one comment made her think about what she shares on Instagram. How someone who followed her hadn’t noticed the cracks in her life and how Laura, as a mum of 4 makes it look easy. It’s not easy, Laura talks openly and honestly about her life and the ups and downs. She shares this not only on her blog, but in the captions on her photos. But I guess if people just scroll on by just looking at the photos and not reading the captions, we can all be guilty of fooling people that our life is easy, perfect and our children always smile for the camera!

Lucy At Home

I love a list and this year I’ve done a bucket list for our family, which I love ticking off. Lucy’s shares with us an idea for a bucket list, 66 Things To Do Before You’re Six. I love this idea, Alice is nearly five years old and she would be excited by the idea of having a list of things to do before she turned six. Definitely one to try with your children.

Candyfloss & Dreams

What Makes a Parent?, is a beautiful post by Kat. She shares the role her new partner has in her daughters life and it’s heart warming. I admire anyone that becomes a parent to a child that is not biologically theirs, it can’t be easy, but it can be the most wonderful relationship. Kat and her daughter are very lucky to have Adam in their life


Is your life busy? Are you always in a rush? I know that mine is and I could relate to this post a lot, Why Am I Always In Such A Rush? I thought I was busy before I became a parent, but that changed, I’m now the busiest I’ve ever been. There is just always so much to do, to remember and somewhere to be.

If you missed any of these last week, why not pop over and give your favourite some love…


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  1. 13/04/2017 / 06:51

    We loved the 66 things to do before you are 6 post from Lucy at Home! It was a great list…. makes us want to go out and explore! #Sharingthebloglove

  2. 13/04/2017 / 07:32

    I love these round ups. I can totally understand Laura. Of course we post nice pictures, but it doesn’t mean that everything is always perfect. Perfectly imperfect most of the time!


    Kat x

  3. 13/04/2017 / 08:08

    I really liked Laura Doves post – we all do it! Sarah #sharingthebloglove

  4. I was relieved we had done a lot of the 66 things! My partner is a fab dad to all our children whether they are biologically his or not so Candyfloss’s post resonated with me #sharingthebloglove

  5. 13/04/2017 / 22:39

    Love Love Love Five little doves writing… she is becoming one of my new favourites, every post i really enjoy! Thanks for hosting lovely #sharingthebloglove

  6. 14/04/2017 / 10:46

    Glad I found you – this is a nice linky and this is the first time I’ve linked up. Some good reading here! #SharingtheBlogLove

  7. 14/04/2017 / 18:29

    I saw Laura’s post and as always fabulously written. Off to check out some of the others. #sharingthebloglove

  8. 14/04/2017 / 21:39

    Hi. Another great round up. I’m sure many of can relate to JaqiJellz about always being in a rush #sharingthebloglove

  9. 15/04/2017 / 19:18

    Lots of lovely posts link up every week. Five Little Doves repetitively moves me. #SharingtheBlogLove

  10. 16/04/2017 / 20:27

    I love Kats post. It was so heartwarming. Love these Linkys!

  11. 16/04/2017 / 23:07

    Some quite poignant posts in these choices thanks for hosting