Sharing the Blog Love…Showcase #4

Sharing the Blog Love…Showcase #4

I can’t believe I am writing my fourth Sharing The Blog Love Showcase post already, the weeks are just flying by. I really need time to slow down, as I am not ready for summer for be over and Alice to start school…

What a great week it was for Sharing The Blog Love, so many fantastic posts linking up and I have really enjoyed reading them all. You don’t make my job easy to pick four posts to share with you all.

The Cotswold Mum Blog

When you have a baby you want to shout about it from the rooftops and share your good news with friends and family. You have probably spent time thinking about that moment, I know I did. When I read the title of this post ‘When friends announce the arrival of someone else’s baby on Facebook‘, my heart sank a little. I was sad for the parents that had this lovely moment taken from them. We live in a world fully immersed in social media, I get that, my life is on social media. But, I put what I choose to put out there for the world to see and read. And, isn’t that everyone’s personal right to do that. Especially when that moment is such a precious one, one that you may not have again and one that you are so proud of. I really hope the parents weren’t too upset about someone stealing their thunder, I know I would have been.

Lucy At Home

The school holidays are great and I am definitely a parent that look forward to them and I don’t think, oh no this is going to be torture. I have the girls with me most of the time anyway, so the weeks when Alice isn’t at preschool it’s not a big difference. But, they do need to be entertained and with the summer holidays being long and friends being away on holiday, I need some help. So, I was thrilled to read Lucy’s fab post ‘ School Holiday Activities – Plan your Pins’, to get some inspiration. I like to be organised and know what we are going to be doing and this post talks about planning your weeks. Lucy talks about having themed weeks and does a planner with different activities on each day. Such a great idea!

Toys Tears and Tea

When you become a parent you think you have no clue what you are doing, but then gradually it gets easier and you find your feet. I wish I had read a post like Alice’s when I was pregnant, ‘ 10 Things I learnt about having a new baby’ . Such great advice and this one really stands out for me…

“You know best. You will learn all the different noises and cries, and if you want to then welcome advice from others. But just remember, at the end of the day people will give you conflicting advice, it is your baby so feel free to do it your way!”

So true! Definitely a post worth reading for any soon to be or new mummies.

Simply Marina

It can be hard to come up with new lunch ideas for the girls every day and I do worry that they get bored with the same rotation of dishes I serve up. It was great to see this post linked up ‘ 5 Quick & Healthy Lunch Ideas for Children’, I will definitely be giving these ideas a try over the summer holiday, especially the Pizza Toasties, we are big pizza fans in our house and these sound delicious and quick to make, always a bonus!

I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I did and if you would like to be part of Sharing the Blog Love, we would love to have you. Pop here and link up your posts...




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  1. 21/07/2016 / 08:05

    Ooooh thank you so much for including my post here! I am so excited! I love this linky so much and the whole idea of sharing each other’s work, etc, so I am SUPER happy to be included in a Blogger Showcase 😀 #SharingTheBlogLove

  2. 21/07/2016 / 09:11

    What a great round up, I think I have only read one of these, has been such a busy week but today I plan on getting some reading done – hopefully in the sunshine! Thanks for hosting! #sharingthebloglove

  3. 21/07/2016 / 10:39

    Off to check them out! #sharingthebloglove

  4. 21/07/2016 / 10:51

    Ohh thanks some great posts to check out 🙂 #sharingthebloglove

  5. 21/07/2016 / 11:12

    Love the lunch ideas, I’m always struggling for ideas x #sharingthebloglove

  6. 21/07/2016 / 12:55

    Some fab blogs here! Thanks for the showcase #sharingthebloglove

  7. Rebecca Taylor
    21/07/2016 / 12:56

    Thank you for the choices – I’ll pop over now 🙂 #sharingthelove

  8. charlotte
    21/07/2016 / 13:10

    Great choices – off to check out 5 quick healthy lunches #sharingthebloglove

  9. Alice Mills
    21/07/2016 / 15:34

    Ooh this is so exciting! Thank you for choosing my post! I love joining in with #SharingtheBlogLove – can’t believe we are into the 4th week!! Thanks for hosting! x

  10. 21/07/2016 / 15:44

    Thank you so much for featuring me this week – this is definitely one of my favourite linkys and I’m so excited to have been featured. There are so many fabulous bloggers on here too – I look forward to reading everyone’s posts on a weekly basis #sharingthebloglove

  11. 21/07/2016 / 16:20

    Ooh lots of new blogs I haven’t heard of- that’s my evening sorted #sharingthebloglove

  12. Holly
    21/07/2016 / 18:27

    Reading and taking hopeful notes on the lunch ideas for kids post. Why must lunch be so difficult? Thanks for hosting a great linkup.

  13. 21/07/2016 / 21:47

    A great road up here, I have really fussy eaters but surely they could be tempted by pizza toasties, and the I love the themed weeks for the holidays – super creative!

  14. 21/07/2016 / 22:18

    Some great blogs mentioned here! We’ll be following the lunch tips! #Sharingthebloglove

  15. Claire
    22/07/2016 / 09:15

    I’m going to check these out now!

  16. 22/07/2016 / 19:40

    Ooh I didn’t know any of these – thanks for sharing these fab blogs #sharingthebloglove

  17. 24/07/2016 / 21:02

    Great round up! Like the sound of the activities post & yes, I get fed up with our menu sometimes…so I’ll check out the Simply Marina post too! #sharethebloglove

  18. 25/07/2016 / 19:42

    I do like the sound of the meals post so will be popping by to take a look at that one. #TheList

  19. 25/07/2016 / 21:34

    Lots of great blogs and some I haven’t heard of… this is a brilliant idea for a linky! (My first time here – very late to the table, I know!!) #sharingthebloglove

  20. 26/07/2016 / 07:56

    Another fab selection! I couldn’t agree more re the baby announcements and those original lunch ideas are fab! 🙂 #sharingthebloglove

  21. 26/07/2016 / 13:32

    Thanks for introducing me to lots of new blogs 🙂 Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

  22. 26/07/2016 / 20:05

    ooh these all look great – I need to check out some of these! Especially 5 quick and healthy lunch ideas for children as I’ve been running out of inspiration lately xx #TheList

  23. 28/07/2016 / 05:53

    Oh I can so relate to the Facebook one! That happened to us with Monkey!! This time round I didn’t text anyone that wasn’t family before ‘announcing’ sad but true no one was going to steal my thunder second time round!

    • 28/07/2016 / 05:54

      Oops should have said thanks for hosting #sharingthebloglove xx