Sharing the Blog Love Showcase…#10

Sharing the Blog Love Showcase…#10

I can’t believe we are at week ten of #SharingtheBlogLove, the weeks are just whizzing by at the moment. Thank you to everyone that continues to join us, we love it when new people find our little linky.

It’s lovely to see lots of comments on all the blogs as I go round them all, thank you for taking the time to make this linky a success, we couldn’t do it without you.

Anyway on to my favourites from last week…

Petite Pudding

Next week Alice is starting school and when I read ‘Slipping Through my Fingers All the Time; Off To School‘, I was nodding away and got a bit emotional reading it. I just can’t imagine Alice not being by my side and these words stuck with me…

” I don’t want him to be gone all day every day.”

Oh, I wish we could freeze time. But, I know that Alice is so ready, just like Pudding is. I often think that when they start school it’s the parents that struggle with it more than the children. I know that I am going to be the mum in tears at the school gate.

Tuesdays Child

I love reading birth stories. What you realise when you enter the parenting world, is that everyone’s is different. No two are the same, even by the same mother. I was pleased to see Hannah had written her birth story for us all to read.  I can’t imagine how Hannah must have felt to go from a midwife appointment straight to hospital, she handled it really well and stayed so calm. Hannah keeps us on our toes with this one and part two is still to come, I hope she links it up soon so we can all have a read.

Digital Motherhood

Andy and I talk a lot about taking our girls to Disney World, it is high up on our list of places to take them. For us its all about getting the timing right with their age, we want them to appreciate it, remember it and still have the magic of going. Sarah has recently been to Orlando and she has shared with us her Tips and Advice. I love reading these posts, I get all excited about going. But, more importantly there is just so much to think about when booking a trip to Disney World and you want to get it right. Sarah gives some great advice and I will definitely be saving this post for when we book our trip.

Lavender Vibes

I think every couple with children can relate to this post ‘Who’s more tired?‘, a game I know that Andy and I have played on several occasions over the last four years. Living with sleep  deprivation is never easy and really there are no winners to this game. Let’s all just stick together and hope that by the time our little ones reach their teenage years we can get some sleep!!

If you missed any of these last week, it would be lovely if you popped over and gave them some love…

Laura x


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  1. 01/09/2016 / 07:27

    Looks like some great posts. I need to have a read! Thanks for hosting #sharingthebloglove

  2. 01/09/2016 / 08:03

    Great selection of posts. I can really relate to Petite Pudding and Lavender Vibes posts #sharingthebloglove

  3. 01/09/2016 / 08:13

    Oh I loved petite puddings post too! Mine are a few years off school yet but really made me stop to appreciate the time now! Even when I’m at my wits end lol xx #sharetheblogginglove

  4. Rebecca Taylor
    01/09/2016 / 12:23

    Thank you for sharing these – off to check out a couple now! I enjoyed Petite Pudding’s post too. Very emotional. Thank you for hosting x

  5. Emma
    01/09/2016 / 13:56

    Thanks for the feature, it’s my first one so you’ve made my day! Looking forward to reading the others. #Sharingthebloglove

  6. 01/09/2016 / 19:50

    I’m linking for the first time. It looks like there are some great posts to read and blogs to follow. Sarah

  7. 01/09/2016 / 20:27

    Loved petite pudding post, hugging my little one and appreciating him a bit more! I’ll check out the others . Thanks for hosting #sharethebloglove

  8. Alana - Burnished Chaos
    01/09/2016 / 23:45

    I loved the petite pudding post, made me emotional thinking back to my son’s first day and how he’s now edging nearer to secondary school. He’s only 7 but it seems to be racing ahead and I really want things to sow down!

  9. Claire
    02/09/2016 / 07:02

    I loved the Petite Pudding post. So moving! #thelist

  10. 02/09/2016 / 07:19

    Some great choices here. I don’t think I could read pudding’s post without bawling my eyes out. I agree that it is harder for the parents! #thelist

  11. 02/09/2016 / 14:49

    Some interesting posts… and you can’t ever go wrong with Disneyland can you! 🙂 #SharingtheBlogLove

  12. 03/09/2016 / 17:38

    Any post about children going to school has me in tears. My eldest starts on Monday #sharethebloglove

  13. 03/09/2016 / 19:03

    Great selection this week! I loved Petite Pudding – I think when it comes to Max starting school I’ll be a wreck! Disney is firmly on our list too – my parents took us when we were about 8 and 10 and I think we could have done it a bit younger really. I think I’ve convinced John that we need to go – he was quite resistant at first!

  14. 04/09/2016 / 07:34

    Some great posts, I love the tips on DisneyWorld! So helpful! #sharingthebloglove

  15. 04/09/2016 / 16:33

    I decided to read the “Who’s More Tired?” post and it was wonderful. Thanks for pointing it out. #SharingtheBlogLove

  16. 05/09/2016 / 11:55

    Its week 10 and I have missed this linky, behind on my game obviously! These are some fab posts, my son just had his first day in year one so I couldn’t read Zoe’s post without crying about pudding! #thelist