Searching Your Symptoms Online…Do You Do It?

Searching Your Symptoms Online…Do You Do It?

We have it at our fingers tip, whether we are out and about or in the comfort of our own home, the internet is right there. With the technology that our phones bring and the fast internet at home, you can type just about anything into the internet and get an answer.

When we moved house just before Christmas and we didn’t have the internet for two weeks, I felt like I had lost my right arm. We’ve become so reliant on it, in every aspect of our life. I order our food shopping, I chat to friends and I buy most birthday and Christmas presents online.

I’m also quick to go online whenever one of the girls shows any symptoms of being unwell or in fact if I do too. Not so much Andy, he has an immune to beat all others and rarely gets ill.

For everyone else its a quick search to see what it could be. I am not alone in this with 81% of people also searching the internet with their symptoms. However, it doesn’t always mean the right results are provided. 76% of people that were asked, said their search results were not tailored to them.

The last time I went online to search for symptoms was when Holly fell out of her cot and had a rather large egg on her head. It was scary moment and it was right before bedtime and everything in my head said that she shouldn’t go to sleep.

After a quick search online I was beyond confused with the conflicting information that was on there. I phoned the out of hours team and after they asked several questions, they advised they were going to send out an ambulance crew to check Holly over. Which made me panic a little, whilst also giving me the comfort that she was going to be properly looked over.

Of course the girls loved an ambulance arriving to our house on a Saturday night and the ambulance man and lady came into see Holly. Holly was very perky and a bit wary of the ambulance man. But he said that was a good sign, she should be wary of a man coming into her house and it showed she was still very much awake and with it.

After lots of checks, she showed no signs of anything worrying. They advised that because the egg had come out, this was good and you should be more worried if she didn’t have one. And what shocked me the most, was that it was perfectly ok for her to go to sleep. The time to be worried is if you can’t wake her up.

Whilst the ambulance lady filled in all the paperwork, the ambulance man took the girls out to sit in the ambulance. Which was lots of fun for them and the lady said that he is a big kid and loves to show the children around the van.

If I had access to a site like Online Doctor LloydsPharmacy I would have known all the signs to look out for. Instead the kind ambulance lady wrote them all down for me and I had to check for these over the next 24 hours.

Thankfully Holly was absolutely fine and the egg went down relatively quickly. Typical that it happened on the night that we were moving her to a bed.

Do you search for your symptoms online?

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post, all views and opinions are my own. The statistics quoted are from a survey conducted by LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor.


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  1. 08/03/2017 / 13:32

    In a word – YES!!! All the time!! I actually think that googling symptoms can be really dangerous, every symptom I ever search always results in the same diagnosis – DEATH!! Using a trusted, accurate, website such as Lloyds pharmacy would be so much more helpful, and far less worrying to those who consult Dr Google! I will be using this website in the future, thank you for sharing!

  2. 08/03/2017 / 13:43

    Oh gosh yes, we’re always doing this. Especially if they have a rash, I’m so paranoid about meningitis, I always have to check it looks nothing like that rash even if they’re fine in themselves.

  3. 08/03/2017 / 13:45

    Oh yes the first thing I do is to start googling symptoms which to be honest ends up with me being more worried!! I do like the idea of a reputable website such as Lloyd’s pharmacy providing information though. I’m going to add this website to my favourites!!

  4. 08/03/2017 / 13:59

    I really shouldn’t google stuff…but I do. It’s so stressful when the kids or you are sick and you think that you should get checked out but, on the same hand, you don’t want to waste the doctors time. However, Dr Google can make the common cold sound like something horrendous so I know it’s best avoided!
    The Lloyds website sounds super – I will bookmark it for the next time I’m tempted to turn Dr Google on…sounds kinky that doesn’t it 😉 xx

  5. 08/03/2017 / 15:51

    No. I know people who do and they always manage to freak themselves out by deciding that they have the worst possible outcome of whatever it is they’re feeling. You’re not going to get Ebola in Hertfordshire. Now take some aspirin and chill out …

  6. 08/03/2017 / 16:54

    Oh, I know google is the last place you should go when researching symptoms but the temptation is always there and I can’t help myself! And it always throws up a whole list of nasty possibilities I’d never even considered! Something that’s a bit more specialised and a lot less scaremongery sounds brilliant – and I’d have been exactly the same as you with Holly and been really reluctant to let her go to sleep.