Review: Unique Planners…A Planner I Love!

Review: Unique Planners…A Planner I Love!

I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t organised, it is a label that has followed me around all my life. I was never late handing in my homework or returning library books and I am rarely late arriving anywhere. But, it’s a label I am happy to have, I like to feel organised and get anxious when I am not as organised as I like to be.

Since I started blogging I have needed to up my game in my organisational skills, having blog posts to write and promote, blogs to read and comment on, keeping on top on all the techny parts of having your own blog site and all the admin stuff takes time and planning. This is on top of an already busy life of running a household, the social lives of the girls and everything else that life throws at us.

I am a list maker, always have been and I feel happier with a list to hand. But blogging needs more than a list, I need to plan my posts and I like to see this visually. I also have more than one list, I like to break it down by day so I know what I need to achieve on any day. This makes it more manageable and doesn’t overwhelm me, like it would if I had a list with about a 100 things to do. But, I haven’t found a way to do this well. My tried and tested methods have failed!

So, when Unique Planners got in touch to ask if I would like to review one of the planners, I nearly cried. Ok, that might be a bit dramatic, but for someone that loves to plan this is like a dream come true…

And when I went onto their site and saw that I could practically design the planner to my liking, well I did cry!!

First you have to choose your front cover designs and there was just so much choice. I loved this cover because the colours are similar to my blog colour theme and I got to add my blog name to it. You even got to choose what colour you wanted the book mark to be, so that it was co-ordianted.


Perfect for planning my blog posts each month

Next you have three options on how to you want your date format to be, I choose to have the option with a mini week planner and checklist on one side and on the other side the week broken down, to allow me to write lots against each day.


The next stage is to decide what you want to be included in the rest of the pages and there are just loads of options. You could have bucket lists, birthdays, weight loss, birthday party planning, you name it they probably have an option.

As, I said before I have several different lists and their list pages were perfect for this.


I also wanted pages to make notes, somewhere to capture those blog post ideas that I randomly have all the time.


And, finally a few contacts page. Through blogging you make have lots of contacts and everyone advises you keep a record of them. I haven’t been very good at doing this, mainly because I didn’t have anywhere to write them down. Now I do in my beautiful new planner…


The designing and ordering process was really easy and I had a lovely night choosing how I wanted my layout to look.

When it arrived, it was just as beautiful as I hoped it would be. It came with coloured sticky notes which are really handy and monthly tabs you can in to make it easier to find.

The only disappointment I had, was that the dates started in April and we are already in July, so I have three wasted months. But, looking back at the website there was an option to change this to August 2016 or January 2017 and I obviously missed this. It would have been good for the site to make me aware I was ordering something with past dates, as who would order a planner with the dates already gone! But nevermimd, I still love it!

I have been enjoying using my new planner and it has made my life so much easier. I am even more organised than normal! Plus I only carry around this planner now, as it has everything in.



Disclosure: I received my planner for the purpose of this review, however all views and opinions are my own.


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  1. 14/07/2016 / 06:40

    I need one of these in my life. I use an online planner (Trello) but I really do like working with paper. This one looks lovely!

  2. 14/07/2016 / 07:12

    Oh I do love a good planner and this one looks fantastic. I think I’d be that happy too if I was asked to review stationary.

  3. 14/07/2016 / 07:18

    I can’t explain to you how much I love my Unique Planner. I’m sorry you missed the option of changing when the planner started, but if it’s any consolation mine starts in August and I’m just itching to use it!

  4. Dean of Little Steps
    14/07/2016 / 09:45

    Oh what a lovely planner! I do love planners, journals anything stationary related and of course the fact that it’s personalised even makes it more special 🙂

  5. 14/07/2016 / 10:18

    I love planners, if I could I would just have them all! Such a big stationary fan for sure and this planner just looks so cute!! I just love personalised stuff.

    Jordanne ||

  6. 14/07/2016 / 12:24

    Ooh don’t tempt me! I am terrible for buying planners and diaries etc – particularly when I already have one on the go! I currently have a Filofax which is doing wonderfully for me, and had to force myself to close the webpage for this one. I like that you can customise it and choose the layout etc, that’s really good!

  7. 15/07/2016 / 06:40

    This looks like a gorgeous planner! I haven’t really got into the idea of planners but this is making me think I should be!

  8. 15/07/2016 / 21:50

    I love lists too. I rely on them, but I do need to have a good clear out of all my random blogging spreadsheets and files in order to tidy it all up, do my tax return and get all my content prep neat and in one place

  9. 15/07/2016 / 22:17

    This looks like just what I need in my life! I love a good organiser ; )

  10. 16/07/2016 / 11:51

    I couldn’t live without a planner. I tried just using my phone calander but you just can’t beat pen & paper. This one looks fab