Review: A Family Meal at Pizza Express #PizzaExpressIceAge

Review: A Family Meal at Pizza Express #PizzaExpressIceAge

We are a family that loves pizza and Pizza Express is one of our favourite restaurants, we have always found them to be family friendly and we’ve been to several different branches and it has always been the same.

Pizza Express invited us along to experience their new Piccolo menu and Ice Age theme, which we were all excited about. We booked our table for 5pm, as it’s nice and quiet and the girls can’t really wait any longer to eat.

We had barely sat down before Alice started to complete her Ice Age Activity Sheet, give this girl stickers and she is happy.


Once Holly was strapped in, she started colouring. I love that the crayons come in a customise old tin. Taking Holly to restaurants is getting that little bit easier every time. She will happily colour for quite a while and normally until the food arrives.


The girls were so busy they didn’t really notice us ordering the food. The Piccolo menu is really great value with 3 courses and a Bambinoccino for £6.95. Alice’s summer berries drink was £1.50 and Holly had her water.


The food arrived before the girls got bored, which is always a bonus. I ordered the Bruschetta Originale ‘PizzaExpress’, which is topped with chopped fresh tomatoes, red onion, fresh basil and pesto. I love bruschetta and this did not disappoint me.


Andy went for the Garlic Bread with Mozzarella, he is pretty predictable when it comes to food!


The girls love the dough balls and Alice is always happy as it comes with lots of cucumber which is her favourite and she gobbles this up first. Holly couldn’t wait and took a dough ball before I could take a photo, there is meant to be four!


After our starters, Alice spotted her Pizza Express hat and of course she had to decorate it and then wear it. Look how happy a hat makes her…and yes it came home with us!


Our main course arrived promptly and the girls tucked into the La Reine pizza. There are also pasta options available and different topping on the pizza, catering for everyone.


Andy choose the American, on a Romana base, which is a bigger, thinner, crisper pizza, but uses the same amount of dough.


I went for the La Reine on a Romana base and Alice was saying ‘snap’ to me the whole way though eating it! I love that it comes with your own pizza cutter.

La Reine

Andy really wanted to try the new Coleslaw ‘Pizza Express’, which is a crunchy coleslaw of white cabbage, carrot and onion with a chipotle spice in a rich and creamy dressing. It must be amazing because unfortunately they had sold out.

Instead he went for a side order of Polenta Chips, with rosemary, oven-baked and finished with Gran Milano cheese, served with a honey and mustard dressing dip.


Of course no visit is complete without dessert and the waiter was laughing as he approached our table as he could hear Holly shouting ‘ice cream please mummy’.

Holly’s ice cream arrived in a sundae bowl with an ice cream cone sticking out the top, which she loved. It was served with the Bambinoccino on the side, this was Holly’s first ever one and the smile on her face told us it was a hit.

Alice was predictable and went for the Chocolate Brownie…


I was tempted to go for the new Passionate Mess, which is a tropical twist on the Eton Mess. But when Andy told me he was going for the Chocolate Glory, I knew I would have dessert envy, so I went for it too.

The Chocolate Glory is vanilla gelato, chocolate sauce, chunks of chocolate fudge cake, served with a chocolate straw. The waiter said they were out of chocolate fudge cake and he would use chocolate brownie instead.


When it arrived he said he had popped some of the fudge icing on top, it was full of brownie. I told him I won’t be eating anything else for a week, it was so big. But it was also really delicious.


We had a lovely meal, the food was yummy and the staff were really welcoming and friendly. They were great with the children and it is still our favourite place to eat out with the girls.


Disclosure: We were invited by Pizza Express in return for an honest review, as always all opinions and views are my own.


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  1. 11/07/2016 / 08:17

    I love a Pizza Express for a treat and the kids meals are really good value for money. #marvmondays

  2. 11/07/2016 / 09:42

    I really like pizza express but it’s never somewhere I’ve thought of for taking my little one. It sounds like you had a lovely experience which is always welcome, especially when you have children!

    Jordanne ||

  3. Dean of Little Steps
    11/07/2016 / 09:50

    We mostly make home-made pizza, but love going out for a bite to eat. The meal looks lovely by the way and the girls as always, look so cute! 🙂

  4. 11/07/2016 / 10:06

    I’ve never been to a Pizza Express before but it really does look nice. The children’s menu is really reasonable.

  5. 11/07/2016 / 11:34

    Lovely review, we love Pizza Express and think it’s fab for kids. Popping over from #marvmondays

  6. 11/07/2016 / 15:07

    I have not been for a couple months now but I have always loved it, the food was always great and so was the atmosphere

  7. 11/07/2016 / 15:08

    I love Pizza express too and I bet your desert was good I am practically salivating. I like their customer service.

  8. 11/07/2016 / 15:30

    just reading the review is making me hungry! Glad you had such fun x

  9. 11/07/2016 / 15:40

    You can’t beat Pizza Express can you! I love that shot of Alice in the hat – so cute! And also that Holly couldn’t wait before starting the doughballs! And that dessert looks seriously epic – definitely the right move, I hate having dessert envy! #marvmondays

  10. 11/07/2016 / 15:54

    Two words: dough balls! Pizza Express is known as the ‘Pizza Cafe’ in our house. The winning combo of colouring, a children’s menu and wine for the adults gets me every time. Looks like you had fun 🙂

  11. 11/07/2016 / 16:27

    Ooh, this looks lovely. I really like pizza express. This is the second post I’ve read this afternoon about pizza though, and I am so tempted to ditch our healthy tea and get a pizza!

  12. 11/07/2016 / 16:44

    I have to say we are huge fans of pizza express for a family meal out its so kid friendly and the menu options for all the family are great including gluten free!

  13. 11/07/2016 / 16:50

    I love Pizza Express! That food looks so delicious!

  14. 11/07/2016 / 17:28

    What lovely pictures and it looks like you all had a fab meal! 🙂

  15. 11/07/2016 / 18:49

    Pizza is my absolute favourite but the girls aren’t huge fans for some reason. They love pasta though. I’ve heard so many good things about how family friendly pizza express is, I really must get down there and check it out! Xx

  16. 12/07/2016 / 09:18

    we dont have pizza express in Ireland.. but that pizza looks amazing.. i will look them up for def

  17. 12/07/2016 / 11:26

    My two love Pizza Express too – in fact we’re going this Sunday! #marvmondays

  18. 17/07/2016 / 00:44

    We love Pizza Express and their kids menu is fab, such a great range of options and all really well priced. The little one loves their dough balls and always asks to get them when we pop into the supermarket and she sees them on the shelves. Great review, looks like you all had a lovely time 🙂 Thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily