Getting Cosy With Sense Organics Pyjamas…

Getting Cosy With Sense Organics Pyjamas…

With the end of summer and all the children going back to school, it makes me start to feel ready for autumn. I love getting all snuggly in the evenings and wearing my warm pyjamas. In fact I have a bit of pyjama’s addiction, there is nothing I love more than new pyjama’s. This addiction has passed onto my girls and I just love seeing them in new snuggly pyjamas.

So, when Sense Organics got in touch to ask if the girls would like a pair of pyjamas from their new autumn/winter range, of course my answer was yes.


Alice and I browsed their selection and as soon as I spotted the penguin pyjama’s I knew that is what Alice would pick and I was right.

They have an all over penguin print design in berry red and pink. Honestly I think they are the softest pyjamas they’ve had.


For Holly we choose a pair that was matchy, but not exactly the same as Alice’s. The girls like it when they wear clothes that have a similar look, without being identical. Holly’s are the same berry red and cream strip, with a single penguin on the front.


The girls looked so snuggly in them, I could have cuddled them all night.


Alice likes to read to Holly, well she can’t actually read all the words at the moment. But, she has such a fantastic memory that anyone listening would think she could, as she remembers the story so well.


Both pairs of pyjamas are 100% organic cotton. I like the rib cuff detail on them, that gives a really good fit and keeps them warm at night.


And the bit every parent checks for, they are machine washable at 30 degrees. No hand washing required here!

If penguins aren’t your thing or you fancy a different colour. They have some gorgeous reindeer print pyjamas in teal, which look just as fab!

We’ve been having a last burst of summer this week, so all I need now is for the cooler nights to arrive and the girls can start wearing them.

Laura x



Disclosure: We were sent these pyjamas in return for an honest review. All opinions and views are my own.


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  1. 16/09/2016 / 07:24

    Aww, these look lovely! We’re full to the brim with PJs at the moment, but the teal reindeer print will be ideal for winter!


  2. Sarah (Mum x3x)
    16/09/2016 / 10:29

    These sound and look like great quality Pyjamas, I love the patterns/style. Good to know they’re machine washable, too! 🙂 xx

  3. Dean of Little Steps
    16/09/2016 / 12:20

    Those are lovely looking pyjamas, which reminds me, I need to get new ones for T. Your little ones look so cute! 🙂

  4. 16/09/2016 / 18:27

    I have a serious pj collection too. As soon as I get home I get straight into my Pjs’s. Its bliss!

  5. Aurélie
    16/09/2016 / 19:49

    As Nikki, I have a serious PJ collection too! Those are lovely, love the colour!

  6. 16/09/2016 / 21:51

    Erin is just about to go up PJs rather than sleepsuits. These look lovely

  7. Romy Caherty
    18/09/2016 / 08:36

    I love these pyjamas!!

  8. 18/09/2016 / 11:43

    Aw, penguins are a very good choice. They look and sound like great quality too which can be difficult to get in PJs

  9. Keri Jones
    19/09/2016 / 13:41

    Realy lovely giveaway, thank you xx

  10. 19/09/2016 / 18:32

    These are so adorable and looks that they are very high quality as well.