Review: Mr Tumble Lights and Sounds and Felt Set…

Review: Mr Tumble Lights and Sounds and Felt Set…

Mr Tumble first came into my life about three years ago and he hasn’t left since. Alice was introduced to Mr Tumble by her cousin who is older than her and that was it, she loved it. Her favourite was always Aunt Polly and the song they sang called ‘Friend’s. She would do the dance along with them.

There was a time as she got older than he wasn’t her favourite choice of programme to watch and mummy may have done a little high five. But he is now back in our lives with Holly now taking a shine to him.

We were recently sent a couple of Mr Tumble toys and I knew that Holly would love them. First we had the Mr Tumble Felt Set. I was really looking forward to getting this out, as I used to have felt toys when I was a child and played with them for hours.


The set came with a board for you to place all the felts bits on as you dressed the person. There are three different people, Two Mr Tumble’s and Aunt Polly. Along with lots of pieces of felt to stick on them or around them. There is over 60 pieces altogether.


You take all the bits out of the felt, which Holly was able to do most of them herself. There was just a couple of stubborn ones, I had to help with.


She was very excited to see Aunt Polly and immediately started to put her dress on, along with her hat. There are lots of accessories to put along Aunt Polly to fill the board up.


Holly really enjoyed playing with this and it kept her attention for ages. She would keep swapping the people over and made a little game out of it, getting them to talk to each other.


The Mr Tumble Felt Set RRP is £7.99 and the recommended age is age 3+, but I had no concern with Holly playing with it, along with me. She is not a child that puts things in her mouth. This will be something that will last her a while, which I love.


We were also sent the Mr Tumble Lights and Sounds. Well Holly fell in love with him straight away. He was greeted with a cuddle, which was just too cute.


When you press Mr Tumble’s hand he plays lots of quirky Mr Tumble phrases, just like in the show and Holly recognised them. She kept pressing it until he said her favourite phrase.


Holly loved that he came with his spotty bag and it didn’t take her long to work out that this could be take off. Thankfully his clothes stay on, otherwise I would have had an unclothed Mr Tumble in my house and nobody wants that! You can open his waistcoat, but that’s as far as it goes.


For added fun and stimulation his bow tie lights up, which doesn’t show very well in the photos.

The Mr Tumble Lights and Sounds recommended age is 12 months+ and RRP is £14.99. I can see Holly having lots of fun with it for a while.

Well it looks like Mr Tumble will be in my life for a little bit longer, but seeing as he makes my little Holly so happy I can live with that.



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  1. 22/11/2016 / 08:22

    Mr tumble looks set to stay a firm favourite for a while with these lovely toys #TriedTested

  2. 24/11/2016 / 14:00

    Aww these sound great, I think the Mr Tumble toy would be a bit young for mine, but I do like the felt set, I used to love fuzzy felts as a child too!