Experiencing Floatation at Floating Point…

Experiencing Floatation at Floating Point…

I was recently contacted by Floating Point to come along to their float centre to experience floatation. This was not something that I was very familiar with and I headed to their website to find out more.

When I read that one of the benefits of an hours floating session has the same affect as four hours deep sleep, I was sold. As a sleep deprived mum this was a big plus.

But, as I read on I discovered it was much more than that. It reduces the blood pressure and heart rate, whilst lowering the stress related chemicals in your body. Flotation therapy is also used widely in the treatment of stress, anxiety, jet lag and to improve concentration and creativity. Sports performance and recovery is also enhanced during floating.

Since having Holly I have become quite a stressed and anxious person and I am always looking for ways to improve this. It sounded like it was perfect for me to try out.

The Experience

One of the first things I wanted to find out was what would the experience actually be like. I suffer with claustrophobia and didn’t want to be shut in a tank that I couldn’t get out of. But I didn’t have to worry. You are given your own floatation room, which has everything that you will need and no one can enter. They have a great section on their site talking you through the experience.

When I arrived I was shown to my flotation room, which included a shower for me to take before and afterwards. A place to put all my belongs, as the salt from the tank can get everywhere. How the tank works and what was inside was then explained to me.


I choose the music that I wanted to have played at the start and then again five minutes before the end.

I would get into the tank and close the lid myself, you are able to leave it slightly open if you need to but this does reduce the effect. You are given ear plugs to wear to stop the water going in and also to make sure you have complete peace.


There is a blue light in there and you can change this to rotate to different colours if you wish to. I tried it, but found it more distracting and stuck with the blue.

The technology within the tank is so clever that it knows when I am in the tank and led down. The water wasn’t that deep and there was an option to use a neck pillow if you needed it. I started off using the pillow, just to get used to the fact that I was floating and that actually my body would just float on its own.

Over time you quickly relax and your body takes over. If you are worried that you might fall asleep, don’t be. If you do, you won’t drown!

As someone with claustrophobia I never once felt trapped or that I couldn’t get out. I was able to open the tank lid easily and this was enough comfort for me.

Five minutes before the end the music starts again, so you can get ready to come out. Then once the hour ends, the tank starts to whirl the water and clean it. Trust me if you had fallen asleep this would wake you up.

Once you come out there is a shower in your room and then when you are ready, outside the room is an area where you can dry your hair and put your make up on etc.

There is also a room you can go to afterwards to sit, relax and have a drink. Let your body recover before you leave.


My Thoughts

Overall I enjoyed the experience. I didn’t feel like I completely relaxed in it, but from talking to the owner afterwards he said this was quite common for a first time because it is a bit of a novelty. You spend a bit of time at the beginning getting used to floating, adjusting the lights to your preference. And thinking to yourself, I am actually floating, this is amazing!

However, I did completely switch off from the outside world and found myself drifting off. I felt the most relaxed that I have felt in a very long time. I can definitely see the benefits of making this a regular part of your life.




Disclosure: I was invited along to experience the floatation experience in return for an honest review. All views and opinions are my own.


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  1. 15/11/2016 / 08:28

    Wow, 4 hours deep sleep? That’s very appealing to me right now! I’m claustraphobic too, and looking at the tank does make me feel a bit wary, but the fact that you were able to do it without feeling trapped is reassuring. Not too far from me either!

  2. Suzanne Drummond
    15/11/2016 / 17:39

    really could do with this it sounds fab

  3. 15/11/2016 / 21:15

    Oh my goodness, I have literally always wanted to do this. I had no idea it had the same effect as 4 hours sleep though, I now feel that I need it as much as I want it! If only I lived closer I’d be entering! I’m so glad you enjoyed it and it’s great to know you didn’t feel claustrophobic.

  4. 15/11/2016 / 21:57

    This is really interesting, I have always wondered about floatation tanks. I too would be worried about the claustrophobic side of things but judging but what you’ve said it’s not an issue. Think I’ll have to check and see if we have anything like this down our way

  5. Natalie White
    19/11/2016 / 22:33

    This sounds SO amazing! I want to win this so badly 🙂