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I first came across Spirited Child when I was looking to get some bunting made for Holly’s nursery. I wanted the fabric to co-oridnate her room and I sent across what her room looked liked. I was delighted when Andrea came back saying she had found the exact same fabric I already had in the room. Now that is service…

Andrea the founder of Spirited Child is such a lovely lady and also a very talented lady. One of her most popular items is the Busy Colouring Mat and she asked me if I wanted to try one out. Of course I jumped at the chance, if it was anything like the quality of my bunting I knew it would be good.

First let me tell you a bit about Spirited Child…

Andrea is the lady behind Spirited Child, she grew up in England and now lives in Zurich with her lovely family. Spirited Child was inspired by her two child and their love to scribble on everything, which led Andrea to creating the Busy Colouring Mats.  The concept of fabric appealed to her children because they like the texture, colours and for her it meant she could WASH them out!

Since then Spirited Child has gone from strength to strength and Andrea now has a complete range of colouring products, such as aprons, pencil cases and bags.

We were sent a placemat size Busy Colouring Mat, it has a gorgeous unicorn print on the fabric which Alice loved.


It has a zip section to put the coloured pens in and the design to be coloured is ballerinas, perfect for Alice.


Andrea tested lots of pens and found the best ones are the Crayola pens.

The mat rolls up and has a popper to secure it, just the right size to pop in your bag and take out with  you.


I took ours along to Andy’s birthday lunch and Alice loved colouring in the ballerinas. It was just the right size to keep her entertained until lunch arrived.


They would be perfect to take on a aeroplane, as they are just the right size for the trays you have on a plane.


When I get home all I have to do is pop it in the wash and it is clean and ready for next time.

There are ten different colouring themes available and a choice of lots of different fabrics too.

Andrea has extended her range at Spirited Child and you can also buy children’s clothes, pre-school bag, wet bags, first aid bags and kit, snack pouches and bibs. You can find them all here.

A placemat size Busy Colouring Mat costs approx £23 without pens and £26 with pens.

I just love Spirited Child, Andrea is always coming up with new fantastic products and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Laura x

Disclosure: We were sent a placemat Busy Colouring Mat in return for an honest review. All views and opinions are my own. The bunting I mentioned I brought when Holly was born and paid for it myself.


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  1. 22/08/2016 / 13:03

    What a fantastic idea! I really like this but a little out of my price-range. x

  2. 22/08/2016 / 17:09

    This is really fun and different! I haven’t seen anything like this before. It’s quite expensive for what it is though

  3. 22/08/2016 / 22:20

    I love the unicorn mat. The name spirited child is lovely too and its great that she does these cool bespoke mats too x

  4. 23/08/2016 / 00:49

    Oh that sounds like a really great idea! My little ones would love that. & I love things I can wash & reuse! (Lucy/R is for Hoppit)

  5. 23/08/2016 / 17:20

    This is a fantastic idea. I need to get one. Love the fact you just wash it and then reuse it. Such good value for money x

  6. 23/08/2016 / 20:27

    Oh wow, I love this! What a lovely idea. I love the fact that it rolls up small too. They can literally take it anywhere!

  7. Wow, I like it because it’s unicorns and it’s also good that it’s a colouring matt, brilliant for keeping them busy. It’s a great idea.

  8. 24/08/2016 / 17:26

    Oh I love this idea. My girls would adore something like this to keep in my handbag. To be fair I’d probably join in with a bit of colouring while we waited for dinner too.

  9. 25/08/2016 / 10:01

    I’ve never heard about a colouring mat. What a great idea!