How To Recreate Your Own Southern Fried Chicken Takeaway At Home…

How To Recreate Your Own Southern Fried Chicken Takeaway At Home…

Having a takeaway is a treat for us. We don’t have any that deliver to our house and it means going out to pick it up, which just isn’t the same. One thing that I miss is southern fried chicken but thankfully you can easy make it at home and it’s really something special.

There is no need to slave in front of a fryer all day, with a blend of frozen, pre-bought and home-made components you can have a delicious meal that won’t take hours to make.

Step One: The Chicken

Lucky for you – and those hungry mouths you need to feed,  frying up a plate of chicken is actually a lot easier than you might think. And no, you won’t need an industrial-sized fryer, either.

You can find recipes for home-cooked versions just about everywhere. This one from BBC Good Food is light on the ingredients and the oil, relying instead on cooking the chicken in the oven until it’s good and crispy. This also means that you get to pick what cuts of chicken you use, so if one of your little ones is big on drumsticks and the other on wings, you can handpick what you cook.

Step Two: The Fries

You can’t have chicken without the fries and they should be as crispy as crispy comes, golden in colour and piping hot. These McCain Quick Cook French Fries are the perfect partner. Not only because they’re the epitome of a crispy french fry, but because they take an incredible five minutes to cook. You can just pop them in the oven at the last minute, minimising the effort and maximising the deliciousness. Holly loves these!

Step Three: Sides and More Sides

For Andy and Alice it’s all about the side dishes. Andy loves coleslaw and Alice loves corn on the cob. I’m not a fan of either!

Thankfully for me they are both easy to add into our dish. For corn on the cob all you’ll need to do is boil it for a few minutes and pop it onto one of those little forks. I think Alice likes the fork, just as much as the corn on the cob.

Coleslaw can be as easy as you like. You can pick up a container from your local grocery store or even whip up a bowl of your own. It depends how much time I’ve got as to which I do. If I’m making it then this creamy coleslaw recipe is the one Andy likes. Both of these make great side dishes and gives us a more balanced meal.

Step Four: The Sauces

To top it all off you’ll need a selection of sauces, our family is split into what sauces we like. For Holly and I it’s all about Heinz Tomato Ketchup . But for Andy and Alice they love Sweet BBQ Sauce from Hellmann’s. My girls love nothing more than dipping their fries and chicken into their sauce, just make sure you have wipes ready for those mucky faces afterwards.

So, there you go a nice easy way to recreate the perfect takeaway at home…

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.


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  1. 23/06/2017 / 21:05

    YUM!!! Southern fried chicken is one of our favourites, and those fries are so good! You can’t beat a corn on the cob, dripping in butter, it’s just so good! We usually have something like this on a weekend for a treat and the kids love it as it’s like going to Mcdonalds or KFC but at home, they get so excited about it!

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