Pumpkin Picking At Millets Farm…

Pumpkin Picking At Millets Farm…

One of our favourite days out is Millets Farm, its a journey I can just about cope with on my own with the girls and its a brilliant day out. That’s a win win for me.

Alice and Holly have had their Halloween costumes ready for a while, but Alice was desperate to get some pumpkins to put outside. I was really pleased to discover that one of our favourite places was doing pick your own pumpkin.

It opened for the weekend on 15th October, but it was my niece’s birthday that weekend and we couldn’t squeeze it in. But, it was also going to be open for half term and so I planned to take the girls.

Alice was really excited on the drive up and when we arrived and picked out our wheelbarrow. That was it, she was off!


We arrived early and Alice didn’t waste anytime in picking up the first pumpkin she came to. I explained to her that we wanted to look for one that wasn’t damaged and was the perfect pumpkin shape.



I was trying to steer her to ones that weren’t too big, as I knew it would be me that would be the one having to scoop it all out ready for carving. We kept changing them every time we found a better one! Of course we had to have one each for the girls, Holly tried to carry them but they were too big. But Alice just about managed to get them into the wheelbarrow.



Holly decided it was much more fun to sit in the wheelbarrow to examine the pumpkins!


It’s hard work pumpkin picking and apparently they needed a rest…


We then had our two perfect pumpkins and it was time to head out of the field. Holly stayed in for the ride and Alice wanted to help.


The girls had a lovely time and whilst the pumpkins might have cost a little bit more than in the supermarket, it was so worth it for the laughs and the smiles from these two.

I think this might be our new annual day out for Halloween. Have you been pumpkin picking?


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  1. 26/10/2016 / 09:01

    Oh, that place looks fab! And we have friends who live in Abington too. Hmm *plans day out*.

    We’ve not been pumpkin picking for a few years, but it’s such a good activity, might have to go somewhere this weekend now!

  2. 26/10/2016 / 20:02

    Gorgeous photos lovely! What a great place to go and visit! #bloggerclubuk

  3. 26/10/2016 / 22:04

    I didn’t realise you were near us! We went pumpkin picking at Millets last year and wanted to make it an annual thing. Won’t be going this year for various reasons, but hopefully next year- it’s so much fun! Xx

  4. 26/10/2016 / 22:23

    You all look like you had a great time! We’ve just been pumpkin picking too, it’s such fun! #BloggerClubUK

  5. 26/10/2016 / 22:31

    We visited a pumpkin patch last week too and kept doing the same thing…swapping them for bigger and better ones! Great photos #BloggerClubUK

  6. 27/10/2016 / 08:56

    Last year we went to Secretts Farm near Guildford and loved it! We’ve not had a chance to go yet this year but I’m hoping to on Saturday if we can as it was such fun last year. Sarah #SHaringTheBlogLove

  7. 27/10/2016 / 11:46

    This looks like you had lots of fun. I went pumpkin picking with my girls the other day and it is now officially my favourite autumn activity.

  8. 29/10/2016 / 23:20

    Aww bless, they look so happy with their pumpkins. I have never been pumpkin picking, might have to try that next year.

  9. 30/10/2016 / 04:45

    Too cute and what great memories you’re making!! #kalcols

  10. 30/10/2016 / 09:34

    No, we have never been pumpkin picking before. It looks great fun. Something we would like to do next year! xx

    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday.

  11. kris
    30/10/2016 / 10:33

    Pumpkin pickings such a big deal now isnt it. We went to a farm near us (just havent got around to doing a post) looks like the kids had a fab time. Were carving the pumpkin we picked later on, I not looking forward to the stink 🙂 #kcacols

  12. 30/10/2016 / 10:42

    Haha, great! I am currently sitting drinking coffee in my local farm shop waiting for Cygnet to wake up so that we can do the pumpkin trail! I hope we have as much fun as you did. Pen x #KCACOLS

  13. 30/10/2016 / 13:03

    Some gorgeous photos – what a lovely day out!! Wish we had one near us! #kcacols

  14. 30/10/2016 / 17:57

    Lovely photos! Looks like lots of fun. I didn’t manage to find a pumpkin patch near me, despite really wanting too. Hopefully I’ll make it to one next year! x #KCACOLS

  15. 30/10/2016 / 18:52

    What a lovely day out, we love going to dig up a Christmas tree but never thought to do it with pumpkins! #kcacols

  16. 30/10/2016 / 21:45

    This looks so much fun. I never even heard of this before. Great pics too! #KCACOLS

  17. 30/10/2016 / 22:00

    Such fantastic photos, I so so so so wish we had a pumpkin patch nearby.

  18. Sian - The Mama Story
    30/10/2016 / 22:55

    This looks like brilliant fun – what great photos! I wish we had somewhere like that near us.

  19. Amie
    02/11/2016 / 15:27

    Such beautiful pictures 🙂 #KCACOLS

  20. 02/11/2016 / 21:34

    Pumpkin photos are the best aren’t they? Love them x #KCACOLS