Pregnant for the second time…Looking Back #11

Pregnant for the second time…Looking Back #11

Welcome back to my little mini series where I am looking back over our family memories, if you have missed one you can pop here to catch up.

When I pictured my family it was with my husband and two children, maybe because I am one of two children. Andy and I were on the same page about it too, which helped, he always wanted two children. The question that we did have to answer was how long to wait before having number two?

Andy was very much lets just get on with it, he didn’t want there to be a big age gap. Plus, knowing that we would be going back to the start again, he just wanted to do that as soon as possible before we started to get bits of our life back.

Because when you have a baby you do have to give up certain parts of your life, which we never minded doing and would it again in a heartbeat.

I found the decision of when to have number two a bit harder than the decision to have a baby in the first place. Which might seem strange, but I always knew I wanted to be a mum, so deciding to have a baby was something I didn’t have to think about. But this time I knew what to expect, I wasn’t entering this unknown world like I did the first time round. The question to have a second baby was answered, but the question of when was hanging over us.

Looking Back1 #11 2

We agreed to wait until Alice turned one before we discussed it any further. But, as anyone with children will know, that year does go by fast and it wasn’t long before we were singing Happy Birthday to our little Alice.

Making the decision brought up lots of things for me to think about, I needed to be prepared for it to happen straight away and I also needed to think about it taking us longer to fall pregnant the second time. More importantly I needed to think about Alice, being pregnant with her was tough for the first sixteen weeks, how would I cope with that again and look after her.

But to hold another baby in my arms and raise another little person meant more to be than anything and yes, the pregnancy was going to be tough. But, really it was just nine months and then I would have my son or daughter forever…

So, the decision was made and we hoped that we would be blessed to extend our family and bring another little baby into this world.

I found out I was pregnant just before Christmas, just as I had done with Alice. I knew that meant my due date was going to be close to Alice’s, but after that first trip to the midwife, I didn’t expect them to tell me that my due date was the exact same due date that Alice had…what are the chances!

We were so happy to be having another baby and becoming a family of four. I just couldn’t wait to see Alice as a big sister and have someone to play with, squabble with and a friend for life.

I started to feel sick on Boxing Day and that was it then the dreaded morning sickness that I had with Alice stayed with me until I was twenty weeks.

Yes, it was tough being pregnant, working and looking after Alice. Being pregnant the second time around is very different, there is no time to nap in the day or relax. Life carries on as normal, apart for the first twenty weeks, where Alice and I were camped out in the toilet all day.

looking back2 #11

But, to be pregnant again was just a wonderful feeling and I still had all the excitement I had with my first pregnancy. Maybe a little bit more excited because now I knew how wonderful it was to be a mummy and I just couldn’t wait to do it all over again…

Next week I will be back with how we started to prepare Alice for the new arrival and deciding to move house.



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  1. 19/05/2016 / 13:02

    I can’t believe that both of your kids had the same due date, what are the chances?! I think having two kids relatively close together is a good thing x

  2. hanna
    19/05/2016 / 16:33

    This is such a sweet post

  3. 19/05/2016 / 18:01

    2 years is a good gap I think. I think if you only have one already then the toddler is too young to know any different when you’re pregnant and exhausted lying on the sofa and being sick all day xx

    • 22/05/2016 / 07:35

      This was so me, I could barely move some days and Alice would just happily play around me xx

  4. 19/05/2016 / 18:54

    How cool is that both babies having same birthday (due date), I am sure it would be fun planning their parties etc.

  5. 19/05/2016 / 22:06

    Ah that’s so lovely. It’s great that you loved being pregnant. I was never keen on being pregnant, I hated the restrictions on what I could and couldn’t do. All worth it in the end though!

  6. 20/05/2016 / 13:30

    Aw, that’s lovely! So strange that your babies both had the same due date, that really is a coincidence. Your pics are so nice too, they look really happy 🙂

  7. 20/05/2016 / 23:18

    I remember finding out about E (our second baby) and being elated, over the moon, terrified and oddly I felt guilty… What if I had changed J’s life forever and he wouldnt like it? All these stupid questions arrived in my head suddenly without warning. As it is, life is perfect and I love my two children endlessly. I am so glad that we had a 4 year age gap as it works brllliantly for us.

  8. 21/05/2016 / 12:40

    Lovely idea to look bank on! It’s harder to plan for your second baby alright as you know what your getting yourself into and harder being pregnant when you have a little one to look after but it’s all so worth it in the end!

  9. 23/05/2016 / 13:58

    Oh wow! What are the chances?! Hope they are not going to compete for attention during their birthday parties.