Planning A Children’s Birthday Party With Party Bags & Supplies…

Planning A Children’s Birthday Party With Party Bags & Supplies…

My little girl turned five last weekend and she had a wonderful day. She has been planning turning five for what feels like forever. But in truth we planned it a few months ago. With Alice, Holly and Andy having birthday’s in a ten day period my life is pretty busy getting them all sorted. Planning is the only way!

I thought I would share with you how I go about planning a party…


The theme is key and your starting point really, as you base everything around it. There are so many options available to different themes. We’ve done princess and pirates, ballerinas and pirates, Moana and Peppa Pig. There really is no bad theme, anything goes!


Time to think about where to have the party. First decision is at home or not? A lot of factors come into this. The cost, how many people can you fit in your house, how will you entertain them and of course can you cope with the mess! There are lots of options to have a party outside of the family home, village halls are a great solution.


How are you going to entertain the children? This is an important one. No one wants a group of children who are not happy, bored and wanting to go home. Don’t worry though, this never happens because there is so many options for entertaining children. You could go to a venue that has the entertainment, like soft play or trampoline parks. If you are having a more traditional party, there are some amazing party entertainers who are reasonably priced and worth every penny.


If you are doing the food yourself then I suggest doing a cold lunch. Sandwich boxes are always a good idea, as you hen don’t have as much waste. Each child has their own box of food and then you can just lay out plates of fruit. This works really well and the children love them.


The invites set the scene for the party. It gives an indication of what they can expect from the party, as well as all the vital information. It’s also the first hint of any theme you maybe having.

Party Tableware

With your theme decided, it’s not to think about how to incorporate the theme into the party. A great way of doing this is with the tableware. You are going to need plates, cups, tablecloth and napkins for all the children and having these part of the theme is a great idea. Party Bags and Supplies have great party kits with all of these included in every theme that you can think of.

Party Games

If you are having a more traditional party then you need to come up with a plan on how to entertain the children and which party games to include. My girls always love a game of pass the parcel, whats’s the time Mr Wolf, musical statues etc. My advice is to have a few extra prepared in case you go faster than expected and have more time.

Plus if you think there will be children coming that might not like party games, think about having a colouring or craft table in the corner for them to sit at. They will love you for it and so will their parents.

Party Bags

What every child is desperate to take home! But the pressure of getting it right and knowing what to put in them can be a hard job. Party Bags and Supplies, have the solution for you with filled party bags. They have several different themes available and something for everyone. This for me is a life line when it comes to parties as I no longer have to buy all the fillers or spend an evening making all the bags up.

Planning a party can be a bit daunting and there is a lot of consider and remember. I asked my fellow bloggers for their top tips to help you out…

Co-host with another parent who’s child had a birthday at the same time! It cuts cost and work in half.The Incidental parent

Keep it simple. One of the best parties my daughter went to was a rented-out hall with a bouncy castle, a few balloons, music and food on the side. The children had a wonderful time and got very creative with the games they played. – How To Rock At Parenting 

Keep it to 2 hours maximum to minimise tiredness/boredom kicking in. – Happy Mummy

Accept help and delegate jobs to willing volunteers. Don’t try and do everything yourself! – Yorkshire Wonders

Try to book it for late morning/early afternoon to avoid having your ear chewed off ALL day asking when it’s time for the party. – Twinderelmo

Consider having a day out with a couple of special friends instead of an “invite the whole class” party. Some of our best parties have been spent this way and you can make it a whole day affair instead of a couple of hours. We’ve done Center Parcs for the day, outdoor play parks and zoos. It creates some wonderful memories, too. – The Daisy Pages

Make a list of specific things you need help with that way when family say ‘oh is there anything I can do?’ You can say ‘oh yes actually can you be responsible for picking up the balloons from X place at Y time?’ That way you actually get real practical help as opposed to everyone getting in your way trying to be helpful. – Hi Baby Blog

Less is more when it comes to party food. Kids just want to enjoy the party, they’re not interested in the food. We used to do a huge buffet that was always wasted, now we just do pizzas or hot dogs and they always go down well. – Five Little Doves

Have a small cake for the candles and have fairy/cupcakes already in party bags for when they leave. Saves time & is less messy!! – Witty Hoots

Brilliant tips, thanks everyone. Now you really do have everything you need to know for planning a child’s party.



Disclosure: We were kindly sent a party bundle for the purpose of this post. All views and opinions are my own.



  1. 18/08/2017 / 08:03

    Happy birthday Alice! Some fabulous tips here Laura, I’m busy trying to plan my five year olds party – we’re having one with one of his friends this year to cut costs and be able to invite the whole class!

  2. 18/08/2017 / 08:47

    Happy Birthday Alice! What a fab post with lots of amazing tips. I love the lunchbox one and will be using that one in future. I’m a big fan of doing joint parties as it means you can invite everyone and it’s not as stressful to plan as you share the burden and costs! We always use our local village hall too as it’s really cost effective that way. 🙂

  3. 18/08/2017 / 09:34

    I’ve not had to organise a full class party yet but my eldest starts school in September so I think it will be next year. Lots of great tips. I love the idea of a craft table for those that don’t want to join in with the games.

  4. 18/08/2017 / 17:27

    This is a great website – so handy to have everything you need for a party in one place so everything can match! The Moana plates & bags etc look fab. So does the food – definitely a successful birthday party x

  5. 18/08/2017 / 18:57

    Happy birthday Alice! I’ve avoided throwing kid’s parties so far, but given that Max is 4 next year I think that’s come to an end – he’s already talking about a party with all his friends! But I’m looking forward to throwing a really nostalgic kid’s party, with musical statues and pass the parcel and jelly and ice cream and party bags. I love that you can buy them pre-filled now – there are so many other things to stress about when you’re planning a party, it’s great to have one less thing to worry about.

  6. rachel
    18/08/2017 / 21:27

    My youngest is turning 7 in a few months and she is already at me about what she wants to do. We’ve gone from ideas like a hall and bouncy castle to an over night stay in Chessington Theme Park! She still can’t make up her mind haha.
    You do have some useful ideas though, especially having cupcakes to take home 🙂

  7. I’ve entered! I’d love a voucher to spend. My daughter turns 5 in a couple of months and like your is already in the throes and ‘planning’ and decision making! Lol

  8. I’ve entered! I’d love a voucher to spend. My daughter turns 5 in a couple of months and like your is already in the throes and ‘planning’ and decision making! Lol

  9. 18/08/2017 / 23:03

    They sound great , little less stress for mum and dad !

  10. 19/08/2017 / 21:51

    Happy birthday Alice! Great tips, birthday parties can be hard work, they seem to be have got bigger and bigger, I know when I was smaller it was a case of having friends over to the house and a few party games. Now they are so much bigger and more expensive until thankfully they grow out of them! I love that Megs and Harry have joint birthday parties with their birthdays being 4 days apart, saves money and means I only have to think of one theme! Although this year was a Paw Patrol Frozen mash up!

  11. 20/08/2017 / 06:52

    Some great tips here. I love the idea of the little individual party bags.

  12. 21/08/2017 / 22:54

    Loving all the tips from mums, I do think that parties have become a big planning affair. Each year I try to keep it simple and stay away from Pinterest and each year it gets the better of me! I put far too much stress on myself and then don’t enjoy it. Next year I am going to heed your advice. Love the tableware too x

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