Pimp Up Your Road Trip In 3 Simple Steps…

While you may consider flying first class or taking a ride on the Orient Express as the ultimate in luxury travel, you shouldn’t discount the humble road trip as a stunning way to see the world. You don’t have to drive around your chosen destination slumming it, moving from motel to hostel to campsite; there are ways you can travel in luxury while taking to the open road. Once upon a time a road trip would conjure up images of shared showering blocks, uncomfortable sleeping arrangements and being forced to set up camp a little too close to strangers.

Nowadays, the road trip has seen a resurgence as a way of taking a luxury vacation where you are fully in control. You decide where you go, when you go and how you get there. If you fancy a more salubrious way of travelling when heading off on your annual holiday, take a look at these simple ways you can enjoy a more first-class experience when taking a road trip.

Mode Of Transport

Don’t feel like you have to slog your old banger down to the coast if you worry about its ability to cope with such a long journey. The whole point of taking a vacation is to experience new things so why not treat yourself and explore your chosen destination in some sort of luxury vehicle. You may want to enjoy the thrill of a convertible sports car. That soft top Ferrari will never make it onto your driveway as your regular car, but you may as well drive one for a couple of weeks when on your road trip.

If a Ferrari isn’t really the practical option if you have little human beings aka offspring in tow, consider hiring a campervan. These all in one transport / accommodation options are ideal as they are like a home away from home. Only luxury campervans have the granite worktops, the comfy mattresses and all of the gadgetry you’d come to expect from a twenty-first-century vehicle. The freedom an RV or campervan gives you means you can take a jaunt across the country in comfort and explore new terrain without having to worry about where you are going to sleep that night.


Explore Distant Shores

While you may need to take an initial flight to get further afield than your home nation, the fly-drive model of the nineties is making a comeback. You don’t have to hire a bog standard and boring American saloon and take to the Florida Keys. Instead, you could venture to more exotic destinations that are off the beaten track. You could travel around Cuba in a 1950s Cadillac, explore the jungle-like terrain of Vietnam in a 4×4 or whip the snow tyres on your truck to hot-foot it around the volcanic landscape of Iceland in search of the elusive Northern Lights. The world has really opened up to the holidaymaker in recent years, and travel websites have made it so much easier to travel further afield rather than stick to one of the many Spanish Costas or a Balearic island.

Where To Stay

If you are one of those individuals who pride themselves on their exceptional organisational skills and their innate need to have all accommodation sorted before venturing on their holidays, then you should consider these alternative overnight experiences. While a hotel might be the usual go-to choice for people who don’t fancy the hostel or tent, there are other luxury options.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, you will have seen the explosion of glamping. This more luxury way to camp means you will be sleeping on handcrafted bed frames under the finest Egyptian cotton bedspread in an elegant yurt underneath the stars. If you’d rather something a little more sturdy for your four walls, isolated log cabins can allow you to cut yourself off from the technology ridden world for a night or two, while you enjoy the simplicity yet luxury of an open fire, bespoke kitchen, double shower, and comfy bed. Five-star luxury doesn’t have to be found in a hotel; look further afield, and you may find a hidden gem.

Taking off on a road trip can be exciting yet daunting especially if you have memories of car journeys from childhood. Nevertheless, it might pay to research your options when booking your next vacation. By following this advice, you can be sure of a five-star road trip experience.



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