I’ve always had a love of taking photos. I was the person that took a disposable camera on a night out, snapping away in the hope to at least get one decent photo of us. I have so many photo albums filled with photos from my young adulthood. Then came the camera phone and since then taking photos has just become something that everyone does all day long. Capturing all those everyday, ordinary moments. Being able to capture the moments that we might not have done so easily before.

Since starting my blog, I would say that my photograph skills is one area that has changed the most. I now look at taking photos in a completely different way. I’ve learnt my way around a camera and I’m now never without it in my hand.

I love how a photo can tell a story. I love all the memories of my girls childhood I’ve captured and that in years to come we will be able to look back and remember so much more because of them.

Throughout my blog are photos of our family life, the ordinary moments and the adventures. I also share more photos over on Instagram, Dear Bear and Beany

All photos are taken by me, or if I am featured in them my husband or Mum will have taken them. Please do not use my photos for anything, they are for us only.

Here are a few of my favourite photos…