The Perfect Gift For Men…JORD Watches!

The Perfect Gift For Men…JORD Watches!

Last summer I was lucky enough to receive a gorgeous JORD watch and when they got in touch to ask if I wanted to treat the man in my life, I was quick to say yes.

Andy does so much for us as a family, there is literally nothing that he wouldn’t do and everything that he does is for us. He works hard at work and yet he still comes home with a smile on his face and sweeps the girls up into his arms, as they run to the door the second they hear him come in. They continue to talk non-stop about what they’ve been doing and he listens with enthusiasm. Never telling them he is too tired. He listens to Alice read and it’s full on until bedtime, but he never complains.

He never asks for anything, rarely buys himself anything and it was lovely that I could treat him. A chance to say thank you, for being him.

And this is the perfect present for him, as he loves watches. But as JORD watches are made of wood, this would be a new experience for him and a great addition to his collection.

After browsing through the mens shop, I choose the Zebrawood and Dark Sandalwood watch from the Dover series. I knew that he would love that you can see the mechanics in the clock face.

The JORD experience starts the minute you receive it, as it comes in a gorgeous wooden box and set on a lovely cushion.

With both Zebrawood and Dark Sandalwood running through the middle of the watch, it really stood out. When you order a JORD watch, you have to measure your wrist and then each watch is made to order. You are sent extra links if you need to add them in.

What Andy immediately commented on, was how light it was. I think he thought that as it was made of wood it would be heavier.

It really suits him and I’m delighted with the choice I made. I’ve definitely got some brownie points!

And yes Holly spends a lot of time on daddy’s shoulders, now the pushchair has become redundant.

JORD also have several beautiful watches available for woman too and you can take a look in the woman’s shop.

JORD are giving my readers a 25% discount on their very own JORD watch. To claim your 25% gift code just complete this form with your details and your gift code will be sent straight to you. Valid until 19th December 2017. 

Happy Shopping!

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Disclosure: We were kindly sent our JORD watch in return for an honest review. All views, photos and opinions are my own.



  1. 19/11/2017 / 17:32

    my husband has one of these and I just think it is fab – really unique and well made 🙂 x

  2. 19/11/2017 / 19:52

    What a stunning watch. He must be chuffed to bits with it. I may have clicked on the link for the woman’s shop and fallen in love with a rose gold watch!

  3. Rainy Days Fun
    19/11/2017 / 21:30

    Great statement piece! I think my husband was actually looking at some wooden watches at some point (not sure wether this brand or another).

  4. 19/11/2017 / 21:42

    My husband has had a similar watch from Jord and it is beautiful!

  5. 19/11/2017 / 22:49

    I love the wooden watch. Super eco friendly my other half would love this

  6. 20/11/2017 / 07:42

    These really appeal to me, even the box is beautiful. Men’s accessories and clothing are usually so yawn but this is gorgeous.

  7. 20/11/2017 / 08:25

    I love Jord watches. They are so well made and unique. A brilliant Christmas gift.

  8. Joanna
    20/11/2017 / 12:37

    I have seen quite a few of these watches online recently. They are really beautiful and the fact that are made out of wood is impressive. I love that you can see the mechanism inside it!

  9. 20/11/2017 / 13:59

    I love wood watches and the dial on this looks beautiful, would make a perfect gift x

  10. 20/11/2017 / 20:09

    Looks like a gorgeous watch. Love the box it comes in too.

  11. 20/11/2017 / 20:33

    I love these watches. I have seen them on a few blogs and would love one for my husband for Christmas.

  12. 20/11/2017 / 21:46

    Gorgeous! Gaz has one too and I was actually surprised by how light it was too! I expected it to feel quite heavy and chunky and it really wasn’t! I love how different they all are and the perfect gift for Christmas. My Dad is angling after one! xx

  13. 20/11/2017 / 22:36

    I’ve never heard of Jord or seen watches like those, I love the look of them!

  14. 21/11/2017 / 07:27

    This looks stunning!! Hubby is after a watch for Xmas , this one is definitely up his street 🙂

  15. 21/11/2017 / 13:03

    Oh this is a CRACKING watch. I think the Jord Watches are so special – I had one for LPD earlier this year and he absolutely loves it. He always gets comments on it. i LOVE the face on this one.

  16. 21/11/2017 / 19:02

    Ooo what a stylish watch – he is one lucky hubby right there! I love my Jord watch – it’s so light weight which is one of my favourite things about it! The timber is so nice to wear.

  17. 21/11/2017 / 20:40

    Oh I do love Jord watches, I reviewed one last year and gave it my son he loves it and wears it every day x

  18. 21/11/2017 / 21:40

    Oh these watches are so different! I’ve never actually seen the brand Jord before, nor have I seen a wooden watch… So strange, yet I really love how they look!

  19. 22/11/2017 / 20:01

    The Jord watches are so beautiful. They are really unique. I love the fact that you can see the clock workings on this watch. Amazing! And what a lovely way to treat the man you love. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  20. 22/11/2017 / 20:55

    I have a JORD watch and love it. They are so different to anything else in the marketplace. Although I am with Andy I was expecting mine to be heavier than it was. This a lovely looking watch love all the detail what a wonderful Christmas present this would make. x

  21. 23/11/2017 / 09:47

    My Hubby has a Jord watch and loves it – he always gets such lovely comments when wearing it

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