Alice and I…the ordinary moments

Sunday was a pretty grey day outside, cold and wet…no snow for us! Holly was having a later nap than usual and I needed to pop to the shops. So, me and my big girl…

It’s all about….Batgirls!

An invitation to a superhero party arrives for the girls and I start to think what can my dress loving big girl wear… I need to be prepared for this one…I know she will want…

Primary School Application….I am out of control!

Two months after Alice turned three, an email dropped into my inbox letting me know the primary school application process had opened. I didn’t feel ready to start thinking about my little girl going to…

Life With Morning Sickness….Just Call Me Kate

It’s a normal cold January morning and I am on my way to work and suddenly I feel queasy, my head is spinning and I struggle to my desk. I think to myself ‘oh no,…

My Girls…January 2016

I love nothing more than talking about my girls and taking photos of them and now I get the lovely pleasure of writing about them too….so, it seemed perfect for me to join in with…

Lots of pretty things…..NEXT spring collection

I pull into the drive and my eyes light up at the sight of what can only be the latest NEXT catalogue delivered to my door. Does anyone else get excited at buying new clothes…


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