It’s Official I Love Pretty Packaging!

It’s Official I Love Pretty Packaging!

Yes, it’s official I love pretty packaging and when I go shopping this is what I’m most attracted to. If I’m going to have something in my house I want it to not only do the job its meant to do, but look pretty too.

Take tea for example, I personally don’t drink tea, it’s coffee all the way for me. But I have tea in my house for our guests, because lets be honest pretty much everyone else drinks tea. But if I’m going to have tea in my house I want it to look nice in a pretty tea caddy.

I am a marketers dream when it comes to packaging, as I like to carry mints around in my bag. I have inherited from my lovely mum a tickle cough, that can appear at anytime. Meaning mints are needed to take it away and stop me from having a full on coughing fit. Because they are always with me, I don’t really want just a packet of mints. I like the mints that come in a pretty tin, as not only does it look nice, but it keeps them fresher and I don’t find a packet of mints at the bottom of my bag along with all the bits!

There are so many packaging companies that really take their time to get it right for the customer. They understand that they could have the best product in the world, but if the packaging isn’t right no one will even look at it, let alone buy it.

With Christmas around the corner you see a lot of nostalgic packaging making an appearance, it seems that at this time of year we as a nation love to buy things that remind us of our childhood. We are immediately transported back to a moment in time. Of course what’s inside the tin will be fresh, but just seeing an old fashioned tin makes us reach out to buy it. I know I do and I also love to buy presents like this for family.

What about you, do you love pretty packaging?

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