Oblumi Tapp Thermometer Review…

Oblumi Tapp Thermometer Review…

When you become a parent one of the hardest times is when your child is poorly. You feel helpless and you would do anything you could to make it better for them.

One of the first times I experienced it was after Alice had her first injections and she was a bit unsettled and the nurse had said to check her temperature regularly. At the time the thermometer I had was a strip one that you hold onto their forehead. It did the job, but they don’t last for very long.

We’ve been testing out the Oblumi Tapp Smartphone thermometer and I have to say that I’m pretty impressed. I thought I would walk you through it with photos as it’s all phone based.

The thermometer comes in a really nice case and includes two alcohol wipes.

To start you need to download the Oblumi tapp thermometer app onto your phone. This is free to do.

It shows you what the app offers. Then you have the option to create a patient. You do have the option to skip this and take the temperature anonymously, however it won’t record the data if you choose this option.

I set both Alice and Holly up on my own phone and then you just select which patient you wish to take the temperature for.

Once you are ready to take the temperature you attach the thermometer to the headphone socket of your phone. It then connects and you are able to start.

The Oblumi tapp device needs to be in the same area as where the temperature will be taken at least 15 minutes before.

You have two options to take the temperature, forehead or ear. There are demonstration videos available for both options to show you exactly what you need to do.

As you will see from the results, neither of my girls had a temperature and weren’t poorly. But I had no problem getting them to give us a demonstration, as they love having their temperature taken. Strange girls!

Alice went first and we took her temperature on the forehead. You place the thermometer on the forehead and make circles with it.

Once the thermometer has taken the temperature, it appears on the screen.

Holly had her temperature taken in her ear. For this you need to take the cover off the thermometer and use the alcohol wipe first. Once you’ve used these up, you can use a clean cloth dampened with water or alcohol. Then place the thermometer inside her ear.

It really is easy to use, you just tap the phone and it takes the temperature.

There has been several times as a parent that I’ve had to keep track of the girls temperature and I’ve had to remember to write it down each time. This has now removed this for me and I’ve got a more accurate way of keeping record.

The Oblumi Tapp doesn’t just take your temperature, it will also:

  • Calculate medicine dosage based on the information you add for the patient
  • It registers all the data for you. Keeping a record of temperature details and medication taken
  • You can share patient profiles with the users that you choose
  • Gives you the option to set an alarm to remember to take the temperature of a patient or give them their medication
  • You can take the temperature of fluids too. For example a babies bottle you can check it’s not too hot.

A few things you will want to know…

  • Oblumi Tapp is not suitable for taking the temperature of new-born babies in their first 120 days.
  • Oblumi Tapp is not a substitute for a doctor, it is a support tool.
  • Do not use when you are charging your phone.

The Oblumi tapp can be used with the Apple iPhone 4 or more recent versions, it requires iOS 7 or more recent version. It is also compatible with Android 4.2 mobile telephones or more recent versions. You can find a full list of compatible devices here

The Oblumi tapp RRP is £39.99 and you can buy it here. This includes shipping.


Disclosure: We were sent our Oblumi Tapp thermometer in return for an honest review. All views and opinions are my own.



  1. 13/06/2017 / 07:26

    Oh this is a great idea. I have never used any of the touch thermometers- I’m still stuck in the dark ages!

  2. 13/06/2017 / 23:01

    Wow, I’ve never heard of this before and I am impressed with how easy it is to use and that you get ongoing information that you can choose to store. Such a smart little gadget. Mich x

  3. 14/06/2017 / 21:15

    This is so clever! I love that you can set the app to each child so you can keep track of their individual temperatures. And it’s so small & easy to bring along. It’s truly amazing what technology can do now! I’ve entered your giveaway & am awaiting with fingers crossed 🙂

  4. 16/06/2017 / 09:37

    Oh what a clever gadget. This would be really reassuring to use if you are children are poorly. I love that it keeps a record of the temp and medication too. Perfect! Also I’m amazed at the price of it. Seems really good value for such a clever gadget.

  5. Deborah Mackenzie
    02/07/2017 / 19:33

    This sounds totally amazing and I know it would help my great niece as she has type 1 diabetes and this could detect her temp changes much quicker.

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