Nap Time…The Ordinary Moments

Nap Time…The Ordinary Moments

I had two years and ten days with it just being Alice and I, our days were spent together, doing whatever we fancied. Days out, swimming, picnics, walks or a trip to the park, we did it all.

When I pregnant with Holly I would often wonder how I would give time to each of my girls, asking myself how I would still give Alice the time she needed from me? Would Holly be left out? Are there enough hours in the day? How will I juggle it? All the questions would whirl round my mind, normally at 2am!

Then my gorgeous Holly arrived ten days after Alice turned two and most of my questions were instantly answered and no there are never enough hours in the day. At the beginning it was easy to find time for just Alice, as newborns, just feed and sleep. As long as Holly was in my arms, we carried on as normal. I got quite good at breastfeeding Holly whilst playing with play dough, or doing a jigsaw.

I didn’t use a baby carrier for Alice, but Holly pretty much lived in one. I found that as she got a bit bigger, I could pop her in there when we went out and about and that left me with two free hands to help Alice in the park or as we navigated our way around soft play. Holly was content being close to mummy and it made my life easier. I had a little sob when we got to big to go in at about fourteen months old.

As Holly got older it became a lot harder to do a lot of the things that Alice loved to do whilst Holly was awake. So, we saved it for nap time.

Of course Alice loves it when Holly is awake and she get’s to spend time with her sister, but on the days that she is not at preschool she has come to love nap time. A time that she knows she gets with mummy and we can do some of her favourite things. Quite often during the morning, she will say to me can we save this for nap time today.

Holly is a little girl that loves and needs her sleep, she walks up to her room and gets into her cot with no issues. For this I am incredibly grateful for, as I can give her a kiss pop her in and off she goes to sleep happy.

This means that I to can enjoy nap time, as I have no mummy guilt that Holly doesn’t want to be up there sleeping.

As soon as I am back downstairs Alice can’t wait to get started, we play her favourite games like the shopping game or the cupcake game. We might get the play dough out and she will play happily while mummy can get some jobs done. We will snuggle up and read a book together or just have a big cuddle.


On other days we may do some crafting or on the days Alice that is tired, normally a Friday after a long week, we will snuggle up and watch a film together.


I think over the last year since Alice has stopped napping herself, we have both come to love nap time.

Then the weekend will come around and daddy can join in too, they will play together and read stories together. Sometimes Andy will have things to do in town and they will go off together, which is lovely for them both to have that time together.

I too love nap time on the two days that Alice is at preschool and I have a couple of hours to myself. Time that goes by the fastest than any other time in the day, but still time that gives me a chance to get jobs done, blog or just sit down with a hot cup of coffee and watch trashy TV.

But, as we get closer to the time that Holly will wake up, Alice will start asking when Holly will wake up, as even though she loves this time she starts to miss her little sister and wants to be back with her. And on the days when it’s just me, I too start looking at the clock thinking I need my little girl back in my arms.

Then we hear the little sound of ‘mummy up’ and we both rush upstairs to see our little beany. I pick her up and enjoy those first sleepy cuddles, before we start an our afternoon of more fun…


I will miss nap time when it goes from our lives, but hopefully that is a little way off yet!


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  1. 15/05/2016 / 11:26

    Nap time is so precious when you have two isn’t it? At the weekends it is really lovely to have the 1 on 1 time with E, although in parts life will be easier and more flexible when R doesn’t nap I know I will miss it too xx

  2. 15/05/2016 / 12:07

    Mine have the same age difference and nap times are amazing for so many reasons! My youngest actually stopped napping for a few days and it was awful – so glad she started agin!

  3. 16/05/2016 / 13:30

    I miss nap time! It seems like so long ago. Now if Baby naps it is about 3pm and I have to wake her up or she won’t go to bed later. It was always such a welcome resetting time in the middle of the day. I am always so jealous when people have amazing kids who just go to bed, we have always sat with Baby until she is asleep and she never napped in her cot/bed. Lovely pictures xx

  4. 16/05/2016 / 21:01

    Ah I really resonated with this post as I have ‘quiet time’ with my big girl at the weekends when her little sister naps. I really enjoy the one on one time with her, we snuggle together and she watches the iPad and I do some work or play on my phone. It’s so nice to have that isn’t it? I bet Alice loves it too. x

  5. 16/05/2016 / 23:33

    We have just lost nap time here after 2.5 years. J used to love playing Minecraft with me or playing a board game. These days if there is ever a nap time it is whilst J is at school so I catch up on blogging or the soaps. This is hardly ever now though. ENJOY IT!

  6. 18/05/2016 / 00:53

    Ah how lovely that you get to spend some quality time with Alice when Holly is asleep. Unfortunately Libby is always at nursery when Lia is asleep so I get very little one on one time with her.