My Top 7 of 2018…

My Top 7 of 2018…

I was tagged by Steph to look back at 2018 and forward to 2019, to see what we’ve got planned for this year. I love these posts as it gives me a chance to look back and appreciate the year we’ve had. So often we just keep looking forward and seeing what we have planned, that we don’t take a moment to think about what the previous year meant for us.

Here are my Top 7’s for 2018…

My 7 Favourite Posts from 2018

When I first wrote about my post natal depression two years ago, I had no idea the effect it would have on people that read my wrote. Last year I wrote a post about whether post natal depression ever goes away? and I still stand by what I wrote where I don’t think there will be a time when it leaves me completely. I still have anxiety and dark days, but they are fewer. I’ve had so many messages from people who have read these posts and just knowing you’re not alone in your thoughts is a great comfort.

This time last year I was starting to prepare myself for little Holly to start school in September and I was taking great comfort in the life that we had at the time. Our weeks looked the same, we had our own little routine and we loved it. It was ordinary, but it suited us and I look back at that time with sadness that its gone.  But also, so very happy that I had that time with my little girl.

In April a couple of days before we found out if Holly got a place at the school, I wrote a post, Primary School Application, Second Time Around. I thought it would be easier going through this process second time, but I still found myself having sleepless nights as the date got closer. I think its because the system is rubbish and you hear of some dreadful stories of siblings in different schools. Thankfully Holly did get a place and it was all ok, but god looking back I did worry!

My beloved Nan sadly passed away in June 2016, I actually had to check that date as it still only seems like yesterday that we lost her. It was the day before my birthday and I remember it so well. On the anniversary last year I wrote this post, I Still Think About You Everyday, I found it hard loosing my nan. Even though it was her time to go, I miss her so much. She is the person who understood me the most. I will never stop thinking about her.

Last year I really wanted to start sharing more lifestyle posts. Having moved house the previous year and slowly turning it into our home, I wanted to share it. I’m so pleased that I was brave and did it, by sharing our lounge. I even made a video too, which I really want to do more of. This year I already have the girls new rooms to share with you all.

As a parent you never know when it’s going to be the last time your child does something and I wrote a post all about the things that Holly did, that I know she won’t do for much longer and I will miss so much. I wrote it in July and I mention about the last time she wants to be carried. Since writing it, I think I have my last carry from her. She occasionally asks Andy for a carry when we are out and about and is tired. But I can’t remember the last time I carried her 🙁

In September, this little blog of mine became my job. I honestly still can’t believe that I’m lucky enough to call it that. I would never thought it would become a job, when I started it and yesterday, was also my blog’s birthday! I love writing my blog, this world has changed a lot since I started and its constantly changing. But I think that’s why I like it, no time to get bored.

7 Things I Loved About 2018

  • My time with Holly before she started school. I said that I was going to make the most of the eight months I had until she started school and I definitely did. That didn’t necessarily mean, big days out and I came to realise that just being with her and soaking her up is what I loved. And she loved it too. Getting on the floor and playing with her, walking to the post box to post a letter that she had written (sorry Mr Postman!). I loved it all so much!

  • My trip away to Scotland at the start of the year with some friends. I had never been to Scotland before and I went to the most beautiful part and stayed at a gorgeous place. It was just what I needed after a busy Christmas and I loved having some time for me.
  • We love to visit National Trust places and I think I went to two of my favourite ones in 2018. In February while we were glamping in Dorset, we visited Corfe Castle and it was beautiful. There was lots for the girls to do and we loved it. Then while on our family holiday to Cornwall, we visited St Michaels Mount and that was amazing. From walking across in the sea, to the climb up and the views when we got there. We loved it all.

  • I had so many wonderful holidays to Jersey as a child and when we went in July, it was definitely a highlight of our year. The girls loved everything about it, from the ferry trip, to the hotel by the beach, eating pizza on the beach, the ice cream. It was just an amazing trip and we all still talk about it now.

  • When we moved house Alice’s bed got a bit damaged and we’ve been managing to keep it going until recently. When we went to change it, her chest of draws also fell apart. This seemed like a good time to change her room around and re-decorate. I wanted to give her a room that would grow with her more and we love the results. I absolutely love interiors and its one of my favourite rooms in the house.

  • In August we had our family holiday to Cornwall and we were also away for Alice’s birthday. Sadly Alice was poorly for a little bit of it, but thankfully we quickly recovered and we managed to have a lovely holiday. It was nice to have some time away and the girls had never been to Cornwall before. The weather wasn’t the hottest it had been, but it was dry and we had a brilliant time. I will always love our family holidays.

  • The thing I have loved most about 2018, is all our adventures we’ve had. We made a decision at the start of the year to have more mini breaks away and to try and get Alice over her dreadful sleeping habits when in a family room. And we did it! It was the best decision we made and I’ve loved every single mini adventure we went on.

7 Things I’m Looking Forward To In 2019

  • School Holidays – After every school holiday, I literally count down to the next one. I miss my girls so much when they are at school and I just love having them home with me. I love the slower pace, with no rushing around. I love how much closer the girls are and play together. I love the freedom it gives us.
  • Reading – I’ve always loved to read and last year I started to read more before bedtime. Making the time to go up half an hour earlier to read, which I’ve loved doing. This year with Holly now at school, I would like to make time to take an hour before I pick the girls up to sit and read. I haven’t sat and read in the day, since I’ve had children. I think I will also share on my blog what books I’ve been enjoying.
  • Live Music – I love to go and seen bands play live. It always makes me feel good and I forget how much I love it until I go again. This year I have tickets to see the Spice Girls with my cousin and I can’t wait. Andy and I are also off to see Take That, who are my favourite and I just love seeing them live.
  • Holidays – I’m looking forward to holidays with my family. We have a holiday booked in May and we’re off to Devon, which will be lovely. At the moment we’re looking at holidays for the summer, but haven’t decided on one yet, but I think we will be heading abroad this year. I would also like to book a little break for Andy’s birthday too.
  • Andy’s Birthday – Andy turns 40 this year and I can’t wait to celebrate with him. He does so much for the girls and I and it will be lovely to have the spotlight on him for a bit. His birthday is in August and I think we will try and plan to be on holiday for it.
  • Our Home – One of my passions is interiors, I just love it. This year I would like to sort out our garden, add a gallery wall up the stairs and towards the end of they year, redo our lounge area. Which I’m really looking forward to, but have no idea what we will do yet.
  • My Blog – I’m looking forward to seeing what direction my blog goes in this year and what it will bring. I adore writing it still and I have so many ideas for it. I just need to find the time to start doing them.

And that’s it! I look back at 2018 with so many happy memories and I’m excited to see what 2019 will bring.

I tag my lovely friend Laura to take part.


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  1. 11/01/2019 / 11:14

    My little boy is the same age Holly so I enjoyed spending the time with him last year before he started school in September too, I miss it but I am glad I have the memories too xx

  2. 11/01/2019 / 11:59

    You had an amazing 2018. I worried a lot about the school application process too!

  3. 11/01/2019 / 17:29

    Thanks for the tag my lovely. I love this post and all of your favourites and plans for this year. Scotland was up there with my top 7 too! xx

  4. 12/01/2019 / 17:47

    It is bitter sweet when they start school, isn’t it. You have had some wonderful adventures in 2018, long may they continue

  5. 14/01/2019 / 00:17

    This is a great post to look back over the year – there are some amazing things from last year! Looking forward to seeing your adventures in 2019!

  6. 14/01/2019 / 18:08

    Ah lovely post, it’s so nice to read what you’ve been up to over 2018. It looked like you had a fab one visiting new places too

  7. 16/01/2019 / 02:16

    Such a lovely collection of great posts and your trip to Jersey sounds wonderful! I love that you also have things you are looking forward to this year – I really want to find more time to read this year

    Laura x

  8. 17/01/2019 / 16:21

    Sounds like you had a wonderful year! And another one to come. Xx