My Little Snapshots…

My Little Snapshots…

Wow it’s freezing at the moment! As I write this we’ve not had any snow yet, just a lot of ice. It was -6 when I took the girls to school today!!!! We’re due snow later today and I was actually organised this year. Last year I didn’t really listen to the reports of snow and think about the fact we live in a village and might not be able to get to shop! Our Sainsbury delivery couldn’t make it to us!! So, this year I’m on it and we got our food delivery today, ready for any snow that might arrive.

Have you had snow yet?

Here is my little snapshot of this week…

Parties and Baking… Last weekend Alice had a birthday party to go to, and whilst she was there I did some baking with Holly. We made a lemon drizzle cake and she loved it. It was nice to have some time with just my little Holly.

A Winter Walk.. On Sunday afternoon we wrapped up warm and headed out for a walk. Which has become a bit of a theme for this year. This time we were joined by my parents and it was nice for the girls to see them. It was very cold and once we had done a walk, the girls had a play in the park that was there. But we didn’t stay long, because when you are stood still you, you get even colder.

Coffee with friends … I met up with my friend for a coffee this week. I met her through school and our girls being friends. It wa nice to sit and have a proper catch up and not just a quick chat on the school run. I’m grateful for the friends that school life has brought into my life. Even if I don’t particularly like being a school mum!!

New Book… I’ve started reading, How to be Happy, which was recommended to me. I wasn’t too sure what it was going to be like, and thought it would like some self help type book. But it’s not, it about 2 people who unexpectedly become friends and how one friend shows the other how to be happy in 100 days. So far I’m really enjoying it, and I can’t wait to see where it leads to.

Pushing myself and learning… There is a great group of woman who bring small businesses together locally to support each other and learn new skills. I’ve been wanting to go to one of their coffee meet ups for a while, but just never felt confident enough. This week they were holding a workshop, that sounded interesting and I thought this was a good way for me to be braver and go along. I’m so pleased that I did, I learnt some new things and it was nice to chat to other people. 

This weekend… Alice has done amazingly well at school this week and if the weather isn’t too bad we are going to take her out for a little treat. If it snows, then we will be sledging and building snowmen. Lets see what it brings!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.


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  1. 01/02/2019 / 20:53

    Oh was it CWS creatives meet ups by chance??? Love them! Either way it’s always good to join groups and push ourselves out there and support each other too. I am all about learning new things just wrote a whole post on how I really wanted to learn a lot more in 2019! We can all motivate each other along the way. Hope you enjoy your treat with A this weekend.

  2. 01/02/2019 / 21:19

    I loved How to be Happy – bit of a tear jerker though. Well done for braving the workshop. I’m exactly the same, I never feel confident enough to go to things like that and end up regretting it. Perhaps I’ll have to take a leaf out of your book and push myself out of my comfort zone next time one comes up. Well done to Alice, hope she enjoys her treat x

  3. 03/02/2019 / 14:39

    We love a long winters walks too, although the boy seem to be coming along less and less, I loved How To Be Happy its such a wonderful book, I loved reading it. And I am so glad you went along to the meet up, I think taking that leap of faith ever now and then really is a big deal. I hope you got snow, thankfully its melting here, but wasn’t to deep usually when the rest of the country gets it bad we don’t x

  4. 05/02/2019 / 20:42

    Wow -6 is flipping freezing. We had snow last week, but it arrived on the same day as my daughter being poorly, so we just watched it fall from the window. Coffee with a school mum sounds good. I have a close friend who I met when our sons were in reception, they are both 16 now and I really value my ‘school mum’ friendship x

  5. 08/02/2019 / 16:39

    Aww that’s a great book. I read it last summer, be prepared for it to get tough towards the end lovely. I am so glad it’s started to warm up as gosh it’s so blooming cold.Have a great weekend