My Little Snapshots…

Wow, how cold has it been this week? It feels like I’ve spent the whole week trying to keep warm. I know we should expect it at this time of the year, but it still surprises me how cold it gets. Plus I just hate the extra hassle in the mornings of scrapping the car and putting gloves on tiny people’s hands!

Here is my little snapshot of this week…

Time With Family… Last Saturday the girls and I went into town to meet my SIL and niece for a coffee. It was nice to get out the house and spend time with them. The girls sat happily playing a game and doing some colouring, while I got to have a coffee and chat with my SIL. With the weather so cold, it can be easy to just stay home, but its also worth it when you make the effort to see people.

A Winter Walk.. On Sunday afternoon we wrapped up warm and headed out for a walk. The girls were in a great mood and were enjoying the views. Holly was busy collecting stones in her pockets, which we are really lucky to still have at home!!! We then came home, the girls put their pyjamas on and we had hot chocolate, while watching Peter Rabbit. Their favourite film at the moment.

Spencer and Vogue … I never watched Made In Chelsea, but I have seen Spencer on Masterchef. But we started to watch Spencer and Vogue new reality show a couple of weeks ago and it’s just so funny. Its probably one of those guilty pleasures, that I shouldn’t share that I watch! But they are a really great couple and Spencer makes me laugh all the way through. Its a good easy watching one.

A Trip to London… On Wednesday my alarm went off at 5.50am and that was a tough wake up. I headed to London for the morning, to take part in the launch of 28 by Sam Wood, which is a fitness programme that is really successful in Australia and he is bringing it to the UK. I will be sharing more with you soon about it. It was a really lovely event, I got to catch up with some bloggers, which is always nice and I actually enjoyed the exercise too. I did ache the next day, but that means I worked hard!

We booked our Holiday… After spending way to long looking for holidays, we have booked one. I really feel the pressure to get it right and it feels like a big decision to finally book one. But we decided to just go for it and we are heading to Greece in the summer and we are very very excited. Now I can start holiday shopping and dreaming of warmer days!!

This weekend… Both Andy and I are out on different nights and not together. We have birthday parties and a few house jobs to do. I’m looking forward to fairly quiet one and I think the girls are praying for snow.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.


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  1. 25/01/2019 / 11:33

    Ahh that sounds like a lovely week, always exciting to book a holiday! Libby does the stone collecting thing too and Lia accidentally wore Libby’s coat for the day the other day and couldn’t understand why she had loads of sticks and stones in her pocket. As soon as she mentioned it I knew they’d got the wrong coats on!!

  2. 28/01/2019 / 08:46

    I love your photos this week. Blue skies just make me smile.I love the idea of the fitness programme. How did it go?

    • 29/01/2019 / 11:57

      Thank you. I really enjoyed it, its definitely something that can easily fit into my life and would give me the motivation I need x

  3. 30/01/2019 / 13:31

    Yay well done for booking your holiday and I know exactly what you mean about finding the perfect one. We are also going to Greece this year and I cannot wait to see some sunshine. I hope you an Andy both enjoyed your nights out at the weekend x

  4. 01/02/2019 / 10:25

    We always book a holiday at this time of the year, it’s always nice to have something to look forward to especially when it’s so cold outside. We booked our holiday back in November.. I like to book early!
    Haven’t watched the Spencer and Vogue program but keep hearing people talking about it, might give it a go.

  5. 04/02/2019 / 13:58

    Yay for booking a holiday. I love that feeling. I haven’t been to Grease in so many years. Did you get Snow? And I hope you had a lovely weekend celebrating