My Little Snapshots…

My Little Snapshots…

It’s felt like a long week. The girls don’t finish school until today and we’ve been on countdown all week. I was initially disappointed that they didn’t finish until Friday, but I’m actually feeling really poorly and I’m quite grateful to have today to try and get myself better. It’s also why I’m late writing this post, as I just wasn’t up to it yesterday.

Here is my little snapshot of this week…

School Winter Wonderland… Last Friday after school we had the winter wonderland at the girls school. I helped to set it up and along with another mum, we transformed a shed into Santa’s Grotto. It was quite good fun and we both took it very seriously! The girls loved looking around after school and of course we came home with stuff we didn’t need!!!

A Night Out.. On Saturday night I went out with some friends for dinner. It was really lovely to have a proper catch up. Whilst we might see each a lot, we don’t get a chance to have a good chat. The food was delicious too and of course the wine! It was nice to have a Christmas night out. Working for yourself, means you don’t get a work Christmas do.

An Afternoon With Friends … We went to our friends house on Sunday afternoon, they are family friends and have two girls similar ages to ours. They all get on really well and go to school together. It’s nice to be at the age where the kids disappear upstairs to play and we can actually sit down an chat. It was a fun afternoon.

School Bear … On Monday Alice came running out of school carrying a bear and the biggest smile. She had been given the class bear to bring home for the week. Normally I wouldn’t mind, but its the week before Christmas and it had to be back on Friday. All the normal after school clubs have finished for Christmas and we literally had nothing planned! It literally sent me over the edge, trying to remember to take photos, get the photos printed and then write about it! But we did it and Alice loved it.

Getting Ready For Christmas… I’ve spent most of the week trying to get organised for Christmas. I seem to be less organised than normal and really wanted to get all work bits done. Which I think I have now done and I can switch off for Christmas. I’ve wrapped some presents and need to finish it off. And I’m praying my food delivery brings everything! 

This weekend… We’re off to meet Andy’s cousin new baby, which will be lovely. We also heading to Winchester Christmas Market on Sunday if I’m feeling better, I really hope I am, I’m fed up of it now!

I would like to take this moment to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I hope you have a good one and Father Christmas brings you everything you would like.



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