My Little Snapshots…

My Little Snapshots…

Is anyone else finding these last few weeks before the end of school busy? There is always something to remember for one of the girls and I’m just waiting for that moment I drop a ball.

Holly only has 2 more days at preschool left, before she leaves forever and Alice has a week left at school. We’re definitely on countdown.

I also have to mention the football. I don’t watch football or particularly enjoy it. But I grew up in a football loving house and Andy is a big fan too. So of course it’s been on all the time and I think England did an amazing job and should be proud with their achievements.

Here is my little snapshot of my week…

Preschool Sports Day… Holly had her preschool sports day and leavers presentation last Friday. It was really cute to watch them and it’s always one of my favourite events of the year. I will miss it next year. She did really well and loved having us there to watch her.

Alton Towers… After school last Friday we all jumped in the car and headed North. We had a weekend at Alton Towers as part of our Ambassadorship with Konfidence and we had a brilliant time. The girls had fun at the theme park on Saturday and then on Sunday we spent the morning in the water park, which was amazing. We love a trip there and I know we will be back.

My Bag… I love a bag, there is no denying that and one type of bag that I didn’t have was one for my MacBook. I had a sleeve, which is great but when I need to take my MacBook with me I never have a bag to pop it into.

I was recently kindly sent this gorgeous Grace Deluxe Laptop Sleeve, which has handles making it the perfect way to carry my MacBook. I have the 15″ Teal Dot version, it also comes in a 13″ and lots of different colours.

Work… As we get closer to the summer holidays, I’ve been looking ahead to September and thinking about what I’m going to do for work. With both girls going to be at school it’s now my time to get back into working. Whilst I do work a lot on my blog at the moment and I’ve been incredibly lucky to earn money from it. I want to look at other income options, as blogging isn’t that reliable and steady. I’m not quite sure what this will look like for me just yet, but I’m excited at what the future might bring.

This weekend… We’ve got a nice quiet weekend and I can’t wait. The girls need haircuts, we have the school summer fayre and Alice has a party to go to. Yes, this is what I call a quiet weekend!

I hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy the sunshine.

 Disclosure: I was kindly sent my Laptop bag, all views, opinions and photos are my own.


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  1. chantelle hazelden
    13/07/2018 / 09:59

    It’s been so busy here, I’m struggling to remember which child is doing what and when! That’s a fab shot from Alton Towers. Enjoy your quiet weekend.

  2. 14/07/2018 / 16:25

    This time of year is crazy isn’t it? I We are getting ready for our holidays now and are so ready for the break. I have never taken our boys to Alton Towers but need to remedy that. I love, love, love you laptop bag I really need something like this it is perfect for all of my travels. Have a lovely weekend xx

  3. 15/07/2018 / 09:29

    Love the laptop sleeve and alton towers action shot. We love it there so fun in the water park. Have a wonderful hot weekend.

  4. 16/07/2018 / 21:30

    Ah lovely you should be excited after 6 years of looking after your little ladies it is time for you to think about what you want – the world is your oyster!!! We love Alton Towers its not too far from us so we really need to visit again soon!

  5. 19/07/2018 / 14:35

    We love Splash Landings, so much fun all year round. And gosh the end of term is so so busy isn’t it